Vidtuesday – Favourite twins

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Today I am sharing my second post in my Vidtuesday series (check out my first one here)! I am so excited about this new series and I hope you enjoy it too.

The video I am talking about today is the Cover version of the song ‘Shape of you’ (Ed Sheeran) by LucyandLydia. I love Lucy and Lydia in general and all their videos are amazing but this one is just unreal!

I do not own the rights to this image

Ed Sheeran Shape of you (cover) | LucyandLydia

Lucy and Lydia love to sing. In their vlogs and Snapchat stories they sing all the time and they have great voices. But of course it’s something else when they pull a professional music video together. Hearing them singing is so nice because the two have really nice voices. They shot the video in LA and I love every scenery they chose. It’s such a cool looking video and what makes it even better are their outfits. These girls have some great styles!

But what always blows me away is their editing. Lydia edited this video and she’s so incredibly talented. It really looks like a professional music video, it’s just amazing.

As you can tell I loved their video so much but I also want to talk about their Behind the scenes of our music video |LucyandLydia video. I really love watching behind the scenes videos of literally everything. There are a few movies I only like because I watched the journey of putting them together. By just watching the video you forget how much time they put into creating this music video. They took a dance class for some good moves and just were so excited for this.

I am really proud of them and how far they come. I would love to hear your opinion on their music video.

Have an amazing day!

Love, x



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