My favourite YouTuber – Tess Christine 

my favourite YouTuber, Random

I feel a bit weird introducing you to my favourite YouTuber only now. I am watching Tess for quiet a while now and she really is one of my absolutely favs!


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This girl does some great videos including great editing, great content and great music.

Remember the time I was so obsessed with the song ‘Chocolate’ by 1975? Tess introduced me to this song in her San Francisco Travel diary.

Speaking of travel diaries/ vlogs these are probably my favourite videos of hers. First of all she visits some great places and always takes the best shots of them. She includes amazing music and does such great editing that I always watch them again and again and again.

I am also so in love with her OOTW videos. Tess has an amazing style and every outfit she wears looks just incredible. She also does ‘Get the look’ Videos including Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande to give you some examples.

Tess moved to New York back in 2015 (of course I watched her moving vlog). I love New York! It’s one of the places I want to see for so bad and the amazing thing about Tess is that she shows you so much of the city. She does this series called NYC Guide and shares her favourite places and some little tips and places you have to visit when you’re in New York.

You see that this girl is just incredible and I love her so much! But what I love the most about Tess is her personality. She’s probably one of the most down-to-earth person I know and she’s just full of joy and happiness and just enjoys fashion and life.

Let me know if you know Tess and what’s your favourite video of hers.

Have an amazing day, x



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