Finally I am a hair styles pro … not #2 

So many of you loved my Finally I am a hair styles pro …. not  post. It’s my most liked and visited one so I thought it was time for a second part. I can’t believe how much my hair grew. Although it is so hot atm I still love having long hair and I love to try different styles.

Let’s start with my first look:

This is a really simple look but I am so obsessed with it. It keeps the front hair out of your face and is just so pretty. I am also obsessed with braids so this is a perfect simple one for everybody.

The second look is a French braid:

As I said, I am obsessed with braids. I struggle a bit with this one because my hair is quiet long so whenever my mum is around she braids my hair for me. I love when my mum braids my hair it takes me back to my childhood. This look is quiet simple so I love to spice it up with some hair accessories.

My third and last look is this one:

I was so obsessed with waterfall braids when I was in school and forgot a bit about them. I rediscovered them and love them so much. They are so easy to do but so pretty and again the keep your front hair out of your face.

I love every look so much but let me know which one you like the best in the comments!

Have a lovely day!

Love, x




34 thoughts on “Finally I am a hair styles pro … not #2 

  1. I love braids too, but as you said you struggled with the second one, I do too. That’s why I don’t braid my hair that often, and there’s no one around to do that for me:(

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