My favourite YouTuber – Bianca8198 

my favourite YouTuber, Random

It’s time for another My favourite Youtuber post. I enjoy this series so much and I am so happy so many of you enjoy it too. Today I want to introduce you to Bianca.

Bianca is 18 19 (when I upload this) and currently goes to University in New York City. Before she lived in California and attended home-school, if I am updated correctly. She uploads beauty and fashion videos as well as book club picks and chitchat videos.

I think I discovered her channel 3 years ago and stayed because she’s one of the most amazing girls. Bianca gives you the feeling of being understood but also has a crazy side which she shares with her best friend. She’s also such a positive person and always gives you a little boost in her videos.

My favourite video of hers is this one:




I do not own the rights to this picture


Because she is studying atm she hasn’t been uploading that many videos which is totally understandable. But there’s nothing better than binge-watching her old videos, so I can highly recommend checking out her channel.

I am also obsessed with her Instagram which features amazing pictures of her and New York City. I love NYC so seeing these amazing places she visits is incredible.

Do you know Bianca? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x


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