Gifted – film review 

July 18th

Today I saw the movie ‘Gifted’ with my amazing mum. I wanted to see this movie for weeks/months and it finally came out in Germany. I saw so many behind the scenes videos already and watched the trailer a few times and basically just couldn’t wait for this movie.

Gifted is a movie about a girl called Mary who is incredible good/talented/gifted at Maths. Her teacher realizes this and wants her to go to a special school for gifted people like Mary. Her uncle doesn’t want that Mary becomes a math genius like his sister was and wants that Mary has a normal life. His mother shows interest into Mary’s talent after 7 years of never seeing her. They go to court to decide weather Mary should go to a normal school and stay with her uncle or go to a math school like her grandma wants.

Gifted – trailer

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As I said, I was really excited to see this movie. Chris Evans plays Frank, Mary’s uncle. Of course we all know him as Captain America, but I was so excited to see him in this role. I love his performances in every marvel movie, but it’s really nice to see him in a different environment.

Because of Chris I showed interest into this movie. After a few videos I fell in love with McKenna Grace who plays Mary in this movie. She’s so sweet and loving and her performance in this movie is incredible. She’s such a good actor and especially the emotional scenes melted my heart. I also loved seeing Octavia Spencer in this movie. I absolutely loved her performance in Hidden figures. I was just so excited to see the three together on the big screen.
I also loved Mary’s cat. So cute and McKenna actually is allergic to cats and had to take tablets so she could film the scenes with the cat.

One of my favourite scenes was when the three went to hospital to witness families having their babies. They sat down in the waiting room and waited until husbands or family members entered the waiting room to tell their loved ones the gender of the baby and to tell them that everything went good. It was so so cute to see the reactions of the families and it melted my heart when Frank told Mary that when she was born everybody was as happy as these people are now. Mary didn’t want to leave the hospital after that and wanted to witness more happy reactions.

I also loved the scene in which Mary and her friend sing and dance together. It was so nice and cute to see and just such a happy moment.

This movie contains so many emotional and also sad scenes, but I didn’t want to spoil you. I can highly recommend checking this movie out because it is so so funny, emotional, sad and just adorable. The relationship between Mary and her uncle is amazing and so nice to watch.

Did you watch the movie Gifted too? Let me know in the comments.

Love, x


4 thoughts on “Gifted – film review 

  1. Oh my gosh I’m so much excited for this movie too! But too bad I haven’t watched it yet, but if i get chance, I’ll definitely watch this movie. Anyway I thought Chris’ role is her daddy, that’s why I wanted to watch this so bad, so I can finally see him as a father😁

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