Coffee date – without coffee

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I love going to different cafes. I love checking out new ones and I love the vibe of every single one of them. I have a favourite café for sunny days, rainy days, or quick meals. Although I love being in a good café more than anything, I am not that brave yet to go to one on my own. My internet friend was in town so we decided to go for a little coffee date. It was a rainy, cold day so I suggested the cosy café. The café basically is like an Instagram heaven!


I haven’t seen my friend in months so it was really nice to catch up with her. I sometimes forget how nice it is to just sit down and talk for hours. My friend really is the perfect one for this because we can talk and talk and it doesn’t get boring. Do you have a friend like that too?


I call her my internet friend because I met her online, on Instagram. She had a Harry Potter fan-account and after a few months we started talking and basically just couldn’t stop. She then moved to an University which is an hour away from where I live so we just had to meet each other and it was just one of the best decisions ever.

I didn’t know what to call this because it basically is a little coffee date but neither of us was drinking coffee and apple-juice date sounds a bit funny. I really wanted to eat a nice warm waffle but it wasn’t breakfast time so I went for an apple cake instead which was so delicious!


I really had such a nice time with my friend. Jenny if you’re reading this, thanks for visiting me! It was awesome!

Do you like to go to cafes? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x





25 thoughts on “Coffee date – without coffee

  1. I LOVE going to cafes so much! I honestly wish there was more around me but sadly it’s not a huge thing around here. When I go away I love finding cozy cafes and when I was in Portugal going to cafes was one of my favorite things. I love to just grab a coffee or tea and a pastry and just chill out. This cafe looks lovely! Wonderful post, as always!

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  2. Love this! I Adore cafes and it is so fun to go with someone especially when you can chat for hours! And also your pictures! ❤ you are spot on when you say that it is an Instagram haven! ❤

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  3. Where are you from? Would love to visit these cafes if u live nearby! I have a few friends like that – it takes a while to find them but when u do, it’s incredible 🙂

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