Aqua face mask – the best mask ever!

I’ve discovered a new face mask and omg! This mask is so amazing, I am more than just obsessed with it!

I have really dry skin. What I needed was a really juicy face mask and I found the perfect one. My mum got me this one for Christmas last year. I love trying new face masks but I was a bit scared of this one. I’ve never tried a sheet mask and I was scared that I could feel a bit anxious with this one.


A few weeks ago I decided to try this mask and wow! I am so happy I decided to try it because this mask is amazing! First of all it’s so relaxing. It really is the perfect mask for a pamper day. This mask is great for summer because it feels really nice and cold on your skin. Perfect for these hot summer days.

What I also like about this face mask is that it’s so simple to apply and also so easy to get off your face. After applying this my face feels so much more healthy and juicy. It doesn’t feel sticky or anything like that. Normally I always have to wash my face after applying a face mask, but not with this one.


It does feel a bit slimy and wet when you get the mask out of the package, but I don’t mind that.


As I said this mask feels so nice and relaxing on your face. Perfect for hot summer days or for any pamper day.


This mask has a neutral smell.

Price: 0.95 €

End result:

This mask is incredible! I can highly recommend it!!

Rating: 5/5


Have you tried this mask before? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x



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