Vidtuesday – summer lookbook

Welcome to a new Vidtuesday- post! Today I am sharing a video from Alex Centomo with you. I love this girl so much and she’s uploading so many great videos on her channel.

The video I am sharing with you today is her Summer lookbook. First of all Alex has the most amazing style ever and I love every single outfit she’s wearing. She’s also selling her old clothes on Instagram which is so cool.

Summer Lookbook!


I do not own the rights to this image


This video is just amazing! I love the way they filmed it and I love the music. It’s such a great summer video and I want a gingham dress for so bad. I think the gingham-dress is my favourite outfit. I am obsessed with gingham but sadly don’t own a single gingham piece. But I really love seeing other people wearing it. I also love Alex’s hair! It’s so long and so nice and she’s just such a pretty girl.

Do you know Alex? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x



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