500 ghosties – 500 facts about me 

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I hit 500 followers a few days ago. I still can’t believe it! I love to celebrate these milestones with special blog posts. Don’t ask me why but I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate 500 followers with 500 facts about myself.

This was so much harder than I thought.


  1. My name is Ann-Kathrin.
  2. Nickname, Anni.
  3. I am 19 years old.
  4. I live in Germany.
  5. I have two siblings.
  6. An older brother.
  7. And a younger sister.
  8. I finished school two years ago.
  9. I want to start studying this year.
  10. I can be a really good morning person.
  11. But I can also be the worst morning person.
  12. I normally need an hour to completely wake up.
  13. In the mornings you shouldn’t speak to me.
  14. You can start a conversation when I said ‘Good morning’.
  15. I really like to have my morning routine.
  16. And talking is the last step of it.
  17. I love being around my family.
  18. I feel the best and the most me when my family is around.
  19. Although I still need some time for myself every now and then.
  20. I love reading.
  21. Books are one of the most amazing things on this planet in my opinion.
  22. One of my favourite book series is Harry potter.
  23. I proper read them for the first time when I was sixteen.
  24. I watched the first three movies when I was about 8 to 11 years old.
  25. I was so scared of them.
  26. Whenever I watched one, especially the second one, I couldn’t sleep for days.
  27. I still watched them so often because I wanted to love them.
  28. My family was so Harry potter obsessed from day one.
  29. Although none of them read the books or watched the films properly.
  30. We had the pc games and played them as a family.
  31. We also had the Harry potter uno version, the best game ever.
  32. We really loved the world j.k.rowling created.
  33. When I was in school (like high school) I watched behind the scenes videos of HP everyday.
  34. I hated going to school and entered this amazing world of witches and wizards.
  35. There isn’t a HP-interview that I didn’t see.
  36. Another book series I was so obsessed with was the ‘St. Clare’s’ series.
  37. The series is called ‘Hanni und Nanni’ in German.
  38. I had a few books of them.
  39. But I mainly listened to the stories.
  40. I nearly had every cassette of this series.
  41. When they started brining out CD’s I was so sad about it.
  42. I always preferred the cassette versions.
  43. I still re-read the books every now and then.
  44. They take me back to my childhood and are one of the most important books to me.
  45. Another book that means so much to me is called ‘Lilli aus dem Doktorhaus’ (Enid Blyton).
  46. My mum got this book when she was in hospital when she was a child.
  47. This is one of the most meaningful things she’s ever given to me.
  48. I read this book at least one time a year.
  49. My favourite teenage series was ‘Freche Mädchen’.
  50. My favourite child-book was ‘Eine Tüte Grüner Wind’
  51. When I was 15/16 I got a book of the ‘vampire diaries’ series.
  52. I heard my friend talking about the tv show, but because I was really scared of it I started with the books.
  53. I fell in love with this series.
  54. This was one of the first ‘spooky’ shows I watched and was fine with.
  55. Although I couldn’t watch it when it was dark outside.
  56. My mum watched the series too and I loved talking about it with her.
  57. I stopped watching it when I finished season 4.
  58. I started to dislike ‘Elena’ a little bit and stopped watching it.
  59. I completely fell in love with ‘Klaus though.
  60. I was so excited for ‘the originals’!
  61. It’s one of my favourite shows ever!!
  62. My friend and I would meet and watch every season start and finale together.
  63. We always are pizza and crisps whilst watching it.
  64. I loved these times so so much!
  65. I love every character of this show.
  66. Phoebe and Claire are my child-teenage and now adult favourite actresses.
  67. I loved ‘H20’ so much!!!
  68. And I loved Claire’s character in ‘pretty little liars.
  69. Speaking of Pll, it is one of my favourite shows too.
  70. I started watching it in high school.
  71. And ended watching it this year.
  72. It felt like the end of my teenage years.
  73. When YouTube started to become a thing I loved to watch the Ellen show on it.
  74. I was obsessed with it and didn’t miss a video.
  75. The first YouTuber I became obsessed with was Bethany Mota.
  76. I watched her school snack ideas and just loved her.
  77. I got three shirts of her collection from my mum for my birthday.
  78. I loved them so much and I still have them.
  79. Although I stopped watching her a few years ago.
  80. I still watch a few videos of hers and love to watch her old videos.
  81. Because of her I discovered so many amazing YouTubers.
  82. Zoella is one of my favourites.
  83. The first video I watched of hers was her Halloween baking video with Alfie.
  84. I danced ballet for 8 years.
  85. I loved it and I am a bit sad that I stopped.
  86. Since I was 8 years old my mum took me to see musicals.
  87. I am more than just musical-obsessed.
  88. The first musical I saw was ‘Elisabeth’.
  89. My favourite musicals are ‘Tanz der Vampire’ and ‘Wicked’.
  90. The last musical I saw was ‘Aladdin’.
  91. When I was about 7 years old I also played a part in a little musical production.
  92. My church arranged it and it was just so much fun.
  93. Speaking of being obsessed, I can’t just like something.
  94. When I like something I love it and can’t speak of anything else for days, weeks, months!
  95. I always listen to my favourite song on repeat.
  96. It drives my family crazy but I can’t stop it.
  97. You know a song is good when you can listen to it for weeks.
  98. I am currently listening to ‘America’s Sweetheart’ by Elle King, on repeat.
  99. The first band I became obsessed with was ‘One direction’.
  100. I know so many lyrics to their songs.
  101. I watched their movie ‘This is us’ about 100 times.
  102. In summer a few years ago I watched this movie every night before I went to bed.
  103. I love this band so so much!
  104. Although I would never call myself a directioner, I don’t know their birthdays and how old they are.
  105. I’ve never been much into video games.
  106. Although I loved playing ‘Mario Cart double dash’ on my game cube.
  107. I still think it is one of the best games ever.
  108. Together with ‘Animal crossing’.
  109. My family and I each had a game boy and visited each other all the time.
  110. We played it together in every family holiday.
  111. It always was so so much fun.
  112. One of my favourite family holiday was our holiday in Finland.
  113. We had a lake in front of our house.
  114. It was just the most epic house ever.
  115. I also loved our holidays in England and Denmark.
  116. We spent so much time in Denmark near the same village.
  117. We always went into the same restaurant.
  118. I really want to go back there.
  119. We always watched ‘Shrek’ the night before we left.
  120. I also really want to go to the LEGOLAND in Denmark back again.
  121. We visited quiet often.
  122. We also had an annual ticket for the German park.
  123. I loved every single time we’ve been there together.
  124. One of my favourite thing was the Dragon roller coaster at night.
  125. I also loved the 4D cinema.
  126. Tasting the snow was always amazing!
  127. I took my LEGOLAND driving test each time I was there.
  128. I have so many driving licences from Germany and Denmark.
  129. I haven’t started my real driving lessons yet.
  130. We went to England a few times for holiday.
  131. I loved visiting London.
  132. We once stayed in a hotel with a pool.
  133. This was the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in.
  134. My first celebrity crush was properly Zac Efron.
  135. I was so obsessed with high school musical and I still love it so much.
  136. I also love the movie ’17 again’ and ‘Charlie St. Cloud’.
  137. I wish Zac would play another cute role like this again.
  138. I love to eat plain pasta without any sauce.
  139. I eat pasta nearly everyday.
  140. I also love eating cucumber as a snack.
  141. My favourite meal to eat is ‘Fleischküchle with potatoes, cauliflower and brown sauce’
  142. I am currently obsessed with sunflowers.
  143. I think they’re such happy making flowers.
  144. I had a huge cactus obsession.
  145. I thought I was over it but no….
  146. I love baking.
  147. My favourite thing to bake are cupcakes.
  148. The first cupcakes I baked were the best ones I’ve ever created.
  149. My friend and I started baking together and loved it so much.
  150. Although not everything is turning out as I want it to be.
  151. She’s the other Glücksgeist on this planet.
  152. I always called her my best friend.
  153. What I love about baking is that you can learn so much.
  154. I am a really fearful person.
  155. I have trying new things.
  156. But baking shows me how exciting new things can be.
  157. I wish I could be more confident.
  158. And care less about what people say or said about me.
  159. I love to support other people.
  160. I just forget sometimes that a friendship consists of two people who support each other.
  161. And not just me supporting them.
  162. The first WordPress blogger I became obsessed with was BeaFree.
  163. She nominated me for my first award.
  164. And I had no idea what this meant.
  165. Now I get nominated for so many awards and tags.
  166. And I couldn’t be happier.
  167. My first favourite blogger was Zoella.
  168. I don’t compare my blog to hers.
  169. But I wish I could be a professional blogger like she is.
  170. When I was younger I loved to play with Barbies with my little sister.
  171. We had so many of them and loved dressing them.
  172. We also cut their hairs.
  173. It didn’t turn out good.
  174. My mum once cut my hair.
  175. She said she’s never doing it again because it didn’t turn out good.
  176. My sister and I also loved to play with playmobil.
  177. We had such good times playing together.
  178. Now we play Lego Harry potter on the ps3 together.
  179. love watching tv shows about weddings.
  180. I already know the place where I want to buy my wedding dress.
  181.  I probably should start saving some money because the dresses are quiet expensive.
  182. My first job was selling Christmas decorations in a shopping centre.
  183. I didn’t love it, but it was okay.
  184. After that I worked for Superdry.
  185. I was responsible for the stock/warehouse of the store.
  186. It was a good job.
  187. But I quiet it after 5 months.
  188. I didn’t like the other people who worked there.
  189. And one of them in particular was horrible.
  190. And made me hate my job.
  191. The last job I did was working in a book shop.
  192. Again I didn’t love it, but it was okay.
  193. I love driving around in a car.
  194. Although I get travel sick really easy.
  195. I am scared of throwing up.
  196. It makes me feel really anxious.
  197. One of the best presents I ever got was my Polaroid camera.
  198. I got it from my mum for my 18th birthday.
  199. I am still so obsessed with it.
  200. The pictures always turn out so cool!
  201. Although I took one horrible picture of myself.
  202. This will forever stay inside my drawers.
  203. I started using Instagram when I was in school.
  204. Followers and likes were really important for too many people.
  205. I didn’t care much about it.
  206. But I wanted to have more followers too.
  207. Now I see Instagram as a nice fun place.
  208. I also have an Instagram-friend.
  209. She had a Harry potter fan account.
  210. We started talking.
  211. And now she’s my friend.
  212. And studies an hour away from where I live.
  213. Tanya burr once liked a tweet of me.
  214. I started crying because I was so happy.
  215. But now looking back I think I started crying because I was so stressed because of my finales.
  216. I still get really excited whenever some likes it retweets my tweets.
  217. Zoe once retweeted a tweet from me.
  218. My phone went crazy for hours.
  219. Since that day I turned off my Twitter notifications.
  220. I am obsessed with an app called 1 second everyday.
  221. It’s so much fun to create little movies of your highlights.
  222. I really want to vlog a whole day of mine.
  223. Although I would never upload it.
  224. At the moment I prefer staying behind the camera.
  225. That’s why I never upload pictures of myself.
  226. But I always think about doing it one day.
  227. I wear glasses since I was 7 years old.
  228. I can’t imagine myself without them anymore.
  229. One of the biggest fashion mistake of myself was wearing just leggings to school.
  230. I fell in love again with jeans and trousers.
  231. My favourite trousers are by the brand ‘only’.
  232. I am quiet tall.
  233. I used to be one of the tallest people in class.
  234. And hated it.
  235. Now I like my size.
  236. I never understood why people have to bully each other.
  237. The first blog post I uploaded was my ‘gingerbreadmen’ post.
  238. I still love that post so much!
  239. I re-did this post last year for my one year anniversary.
  240. In November I am blogging for 2 years.
  241. I was blogging for over a year until a few people started showing up on my blog.
  242. 1 comment felt like the best thing ever.
  243. I am still so happy for every comment I get.
  244. Blogging is my hobby and I love it so much.
  245. Although I can be a bit impatient sometimes.
  246. I have to catch up with quiet a few awards and tags.
  247. One of my favourite board games is the ‘settlers of catan’.
  248. My mum taught me how to play it ages ago.
  249. And I still love playing it so much.
  251. And I don’t have a clue what else I should tell you.
  252. I also love playing romme.
  253. My grandpa used to help me when I was little.
  254. I miss him so much.
  255. I wanted to study marine biology since I was 10 years old.
  256. Sadly I wasn’t really good in the two last school years.
  257. The years that really counted.
  258. I was so obsessed with the sea.
  259. I loved especially dolphins.
  260. But also sharks and rays.
  261. I had a folder about dolphins.
  262. And loved to add facts to it.
  263. My dream is to swim with dolphins one day.
  264. I once saw dolphins in an aquarium in Italy.
  265. I couldn’t believe it.
  266. This was one of the best days.
  267. Although I wished I saw them outside and not in a cage.
  268. I love watching documentaries about sharks.
  269. They are so scary but also so interesting.
  270. I think sharks are amazing animals.
  271. I just wished no shark-attacks would happen.
  272. Speaking of sharks I was so obsessed with the tv show shark tank.
  273. I never went trick or treating before.
  274. In Germany nobody really celebrates Halloween.
  275. My dream is to throw an epic Halloween party one day.
  276. I hate horror films.
  277. I can’t watch them.
  278. The spookiest film I’ve ever watched was ‘Regression’.
  279. I was so proud of myself that I didn’t get night mares of it.
  280. Mainly because Emma Watson was playing the main part.
  281. Emma Watson is my favourite actress ever!
  282. My birthday is on October the 6th.
  283. I love fall so much.
  284. Mainly because of my birthday month.
  285. I started disliking my birthday a little bit.
  286. I gets more and more un-exciting every year you get older.
  287. I can’t believe I am turning 20 this year.
  288. I love Sherlock!
  289. I watched a few episodes with my dad.
  290. I remember watching the episode where Sherlock saves John from a massive bonfire.
  291. I said to my dad he’s crazy and that’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever saw.
  292. Then I binge-watched the show a few months later.
  293. I love benedict cumberbatch.
  294. His performance as doctor strange is unreal.
  295. Doctor strange is one of my favourite marvel movies.
  296. The first superhero I became obsessed with was captain America.
  297. I still love Chris Evans so much!
  298. The first marvel movie I fully watched was Captain America – the first avenger.
  299. After that I binge-watched nearly every marvel movie.
  300. I love the first avenger movie so much!
  301. I love seeing them all in one place.
  302. Around Christmas I was so obsessed with ‘The Lord of the rings’ and ‘the hobbit’ series.
  303. Orlando bloom is amazing as legolas!
  304. My favourite movies is ‘the hobbit – desolation of the smaug’
  305. I love eating green Apples.
  306. I only like the ‘Granny Smith’ ones.
  307. My favourite berries are strawberries.
  308. I love cookie ice cream.
  309. I love sunny weather.
  310. Although I don’t really like hot weather that much.
  311. This year I loved summer.
  312. I love going to the cinema.
  313. I always dress nicely although it’s really dark inside.
  314. But I feel like I want to make an effort for good movies.
  315. I wanted to look amazing when insane beauty and the beast.
  316. Because I knew that the movie would be amazing.
  317. I am really picky with food.
  318. I like only a few meals.
  319. I think baked cheese is disgusting.
  320. I tried it yesterday and no way I am eating that again.
  321. I really liked cheese.
  322. But now I don’t bear it as good as I used to.
  323. I loved drinking milk.
  324. Now I can’t because I feel sick afterwards.
  325. When I was in primary school my hair used to be so long.
  326. Then I decided to cut it more and more.
  327. At the moment I prefer having long hair.
  328. I am a really emotional person.
  329. I cry every time watching beauty and the beast.
  330. I love exploring new places.
  331. Although I feel really anxious before every holiday or weekend trip.
  332. One of my favourite clothing brand is ‘Mango’.
  333. I am ASOS obsessed.
  334. Because of Zoe (Zoella).
  335. I thought it was a good idea checking it out.
  336. I mean it was for my closet, but not really for my bank account.
  337. I discovered the brand ‘New look’ through ASOS and it’s one of my favourite brands now.
  338. I love chocolate pudding.
  339. I hate arguments.
  340. Foam soaps are incredible!
  341. I wash my hands by far too often.
  342. I’ve never drunk alcohol in my life before.
  343. And I didn’t miss anything.
  344. I wasn’t cool in school.
  345. I love stationary hauls.
  346. I am obsessed with stripes.
  347. I am so obsessed with ‘Spaghetti-ice cream’ at the moment!
  348. I tend to skip breakfast quiet often.
  349. I love unicorns!!!
  350. I have a cuddly unicorn toy and it is amazing.
  351. My mum gave it to me last week.
  352. I was obsessed with mermaid books when I was younger.
  353. And I red every single dolphin book I could find.
  354. There’s one ‘kids’ ( I don’t think so!!!) Movie which I watched in cinema and couldn’t sleep for a month afterwards.
  355. I don’t think I will ever watch it again!
  356. I had English, French and Italian in school.
  357. I am quiet happy with my english, although I wish it would be better.
  358. But I can’t speak any French and only a few sentences in Italian.
  359. I am currently trying to learn Swedish.
  360. I don’t watch much tv.
  361. But too much YouTube!
  362. One of my happy places is a place in Munich.
  363. I spent there so much time as a child.
  364. I love scrapbooks.
  365. I love to be creative.
  366. I love to go on walks wit my little sister.
  367. I hate spinach.
  368. I can’t stand the smell of fish.
  369. I love to go through old pictures.
  370. Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite series.
  371. I am not too sure if I really like the new episodes.
  372. I love the colour pink.
  373. I wish I could meet all of you one day.
  374. I love to clean the dishes by hand.
  375. I also love washing my clothes.
  376. And I also enjoy ironing them.
  377. I wish I could do more things with my hair.
  378. Although I improved a lot.
  379. I love when my mum braids my hair.
  380. It takes me back to my childhood days.
  381. I don’t eat too much meat.
  382. I only really like chicken to be honest.
  383. I love eating salads.
  384. I could live by fruit and vegetables for a few days.
  385. But I do love my pizzas.
  386. I hate being cold.
  387. Or hungry.
  388. I love wearing perfume.
  389. I can’t imagine a life without ‘Bretzeln’.
  390. And cheese-croissants.
  391. I love wearing red lipsticks!
  392. And liquid lipsticks.
  393. Especially by the brand NYX.
  394. I have an iced-lolly obsession!
  395. It all started with my loved cactus iced-lolly.
  396. Manhattan is my favourite make up brand.
  397. I watched the ‘Paper towns’ trailer for more than 100 times.
  398. Same with the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer.
  399. I love barbeques.
  400. I’ve never heard smores in my life.
  401. Or grilled marshmallows.
  402. I love the smell of lavender.
  403. I wish I would like baths.
  404. Because I love lush bath bombs.
  405. Mainly because of Zoe.
  406. I am allergic to quiet a few things.
  407. Especially nuts.
  408. I nearly died once in Kindergarten because we didn’t know that I was allergic to one thing.
  409. I can’t eat ‘Lindt’ chocolate.
  410. I react really allergic to it.
  411. I died my hair a few times.
  412. Whenever I watched ‘beauty and the beast’ as a child I was so scared.
  413. Not of the beast but of the people who wanted to kill it.
  414. I used to share a room with my little sister.
  415. I once had a glitter stone glued to one of my teeth.
  416. I love buying presents for other people.
  417. I get really excited to give them to them.
  418. I was scared of the dark when I was little.
  419. And I still don’t really love it now.
  420. I really would like to create my own musical.
  421. And write my own book series.
  422. And film my own movie.
  423. I own by far too many muffin cases.
  424. I am face mask crazy!
  425. I do them nearly every day.
  426. I am currently so obsessed with sheet masks.
  427. I don’t like bananas at the moment.
  428. But I used to really like them.
  429. I still get so excited for Christmas.
  430. I love advent-calendars!
  431. Especially the ones by my mum.
  432. I can’t cook/make pancakes, crepes or anything like that.
  433. I love apple-cake so much!
  434. I could have cake everyday for breakfast.
  435. My sister and I were obsessed with a horse-movie.
  436. Although I never liked horses.
  437. I once rode a horse and hated it.
  438. I am scared of dogs, cats, insects, just anything.
  439. Especially spiders!!!
  440. When I was younger my sister and I loved to do picnics together in our living room.
  441. This is the hardest post I’ve ever written.
  442. I don’t like Mondays.
  443. Because I didn’t like going back to school.
  444. And on Mondays I always had 10 hours of school, only teachers I didn’t like.
  445. My favourite posts of mine are my cactus-series and the ones my sister took the pictures for me.
  446. I hope there aren’t too many spellings in this.
  447. But I can’t go through every single fact again.
  448. I still think this was quiet a fun idea.
  449. I watched so many Barbie movies with my sister.
  450. My favourite ones were ‘Rapunzel’ and ”Barbie of Swan Lake’.
  451. My favourite child-shows were ‘Tigerentenclub’ and ‘1, 2 oder 3’
  452. My dream was to be a camera-kid on that show.
  453. We once met the host of the ‘Tigerentenclub’ show in Italy.
  454. He’s such a sweet nice guy.
  455. I love baking ‘Plätzchen’.
  456. I really miss my grandpa who sadly passed away 5 years ago.
  457. I love to dance with my sister.
  458. But I hate dancing in discos.
  459. I’ve only been there twice and didn’t like it.
  460. I never felt so anxious in my life before.
  461. I love water plants.
  462. Because you can’t forget to water them.
  463. I am quiet bad with keeping plants alive.
  464. ‘Bibi Blocksberg’ was one of my favourite movies.
  465. Glücksgeist means luck and ghost.
  466. I don’t really like rain.
  467. Sometimes I do but I prefer the sun.
  468. I think too much about the most stupid little things.
  469. Until I can’t sleep because I made myself so crazy.
  470. I’ve always wanted to bake a rainbow cake.
  471. I am a huge chocolate lover.
  472. ‘Chocolate’ by the 1975 is one of my all-time favourite song.
  473. I’ve listen to it about a million times.
  474. I couldn’t stop crying whilst reading ‘Me before you’
  475. I used to be the queen of naps.
  476. Now I like to be more productive.
  477. I can’t play video games for too long.
  478. Because I always feel like it’s wasting my time.
  479. But I still love playing them.
  480. I have to listen to music when I drive in the car.
  481. And if I don’t like the music my car journey isn’t good.
  482. I had such a great cinema evening with my family yesterday.
  483. I am unicorn obsessed.
  484. I don’t really like cold pizza.
  485. Pizza with corn is the best.
  486. I love pineapple.
  487. And I love to eat sauerkraut.
  488. Dinner is my favourite meal.
  489. And I always need a desert afterwards.
  490. I love laughing.
  491. I really like being a happy funny person.
  492. I love to make my sister and family laugh.
  493. I wish I could see my whole family everyday.
  494. I love to take photos.
  495. I wish I could upload more pictures to WordPress.
  496. I don’t use Facebook anymore.
  497. I love sunsets.
  498. I can’t stay up for too long.
  499. I was really obsessed with crime-series.
  500. I love blogging so much!

Can you believe it? I’ve just told you 500 facts about me? This was the most crazy and hard post ever!! Thank you so so much for 500 followers. I really appreciate your amazing support and I love you all!!!

Let me know which fact you liked the most! And let me know how many of them you were able to read.

Love, x


67 thoughts on “500 ghosties – 500 facts about me 

  1. This is sooooo many facts!

    I’m allergic to nuts too! And Lindt chocolate made my lips all funny last time I had it… I’ve avoided it since!

    Legoland in Denmark is awesome 🙂 I went there ages ago when I was like 7 maybe.

    Spaghetti Eis is great! When I visited Germany on the German exchange the first thing my exchange partner took me for was Spaghetti Eis. I think I had it with gummi bears.

    I really want a polaroid camera because I want to do that thing where you hang photos up from fairy lights, but now I’m wondering whether to buy a HP Sprocket or the Polaroid equivalent one instead.

    I remember cutting my Barbie’s hair. I think I cut Ken’s hair and I didn’t understand why it didn’t grow back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your facts!!! Good to know I am not the only one who can’t enjoy lindt chocolate!

      Spaghetti eis is so amazing!! I often forget it’s more of a German thing.

      I really like both, the Polaroid pictures are really unique. But with the hp sprocket you can edit your pictures before printing them. Hard choice.

      Thanks so much for your comment!!!! Have a nice day, xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a huge list! Congratulations on 500 followers ❤
    And thanks for reminding me to finally buy one of those Balea sheet masks, I always forget about them! I also have a polaroid camera, but my photos never turn out nicely…do you have any tips?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!!!
      You really have to try them! I am so obsessed with sheet mask, but I have a new favourite (coming soon).
      I am really not an expert, I just press the button and it works. I just try to take them in good lighting conditions or use the flash. That’s all I have, sorry xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so impressed! I struggle to get to even 20 facts now. Btw, what day is your blog anniversary? I’m coming up on 2 years this November too, on the 26th! Also I’ve started watching Zoe’s vlogs again because of you and I love them so much. I would love to do the 1 second everyday but my phone has little storage so I worry I’d just cause my phone to go haywire again. It sounds so cool though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! My blog anniversary is on November the 30th. We’re sharing the same month? That’s so cool!
      I am so glad you’re enjoying Zoe’s vlogs!! I hope you can start 1 second everyday one day!
      Have a nice day, xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! Congratulations on 500 followers, I’m happy to be one of them! When I was reading through this I lost count the amount of times I thought ‘oh my gosh, me too!’ It seems we are too alike!☺️♥️

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Wow! That is a wow for:
    a) congratulations on 500 followers! That is amazing, and you deserve every one of them for all the effort you put in every post (especially this post)
    b) 500 facts? That’s amazing! Definitely hard work, it was nice reading them though 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I have so much to say! Firstly, well done on getting 500!!! And I loved reading this post I learnt so many things about you including that you like Harry Potter, I love it too! Your first job sounds amazing, selling Christmas decorations!! Well done on 500!! x

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I love unciorns and Harry Potter and sunsets so much too!! WOW 500 facts?! How did you manage that?? I lovee it! And congrats on 500 followers- you deserve them all of course!! ❤ 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Huge congrats on reaching 500 followers! And I loved reading all your facts! I am the same way in the morning I have to shower or run, and then you can talk to me. Also I am obsessed with Marvel Universe! I love Benedict Cumbarbatch and Doctor Strange was amazing! Keep up the great work beautY! Congrats! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Woah girl – congrats for 500 followers! That is just insane number! =)
    Obviously, to get that much followers your content needs to be ‘on point’ which it is 😛
    Me too, I like croissants too! With cheese is a great addition! I think my mom loves it more haha. I recently came across this bakery selling very nice croissants and mom loves them because it reminds me of the croissants in Paris LOL She actually went to Paris, I want to go! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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