My favourite blog posts – lookbook edition 

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I’ve been a bit obsessed with lookbooks lately. Today I want to share my favourite blog – lookbooks with you. I found some amazing blog posts from amazing people and I really wanted to share them with you. Be sure to click the links to check them out and also to see their pictures in better quality.

I do not own the rights to any picture in this blog post.

I want to start with one of my favourite bloggers: Don’t give a jam – Jamie

Jamie is not only the coolest person ever, she also has such a great style. Everything she wears looks so cool on her, I am convinced that she could wear a potato sack on totally rock it.

A few months ago Zoe (Zoella) bought a blue striped shirt from Lazy Oaf. I fell in love with that shirt, but I didn’t buy it. A few weeks later it was sold out. Too bad for me, but luckily Jamie wasn’t as slow as I was and bought the shirt. I don’t think I could rock it as much as she does because she just looks amazing!

OOTD lazy oaf at the office – Don’t give a jam


I love that Jamie always smiles on every picture. I don’t know her myself but I think she’s such a happy person and I am so in love with her outfit. Thanks for sharing Jamie!

The next outfit I want to share with you is from Niomi Smart. She’s a professional youtuber and blogger and I rambled about her in a post which you can check out here.

Niomi has an incredible style. I would describe her style as casual chic. As you know I am obsessed with pink and she’s wearing a pink shirt, so no wonder that I love her look so much.

Denim Over lace – Niomi Smart


I really like this look. I love that you can dress it up and down. The pink shirt is my favourite clothing piece from this look. I wish I could have her shoes!


There’s nothing better than a good Holiday- lookbook and Ella shared an amazing one from her trip to Barcelona. I always love to pick my outfits for my holiday. I plan them for different days and for different events and it’s just such a fun thing to do. Ella picked some amazing pieces for her holiday!

Barcelona lookbook – ella may garrett


There’s nothing better than a nice black dress. Finding a good black dress is so hard, but I am in love with the one Ella is wearing. It fits perfectly and just looks amazing on her.
As you know I go through different obsessions. Pink, skirts and now stripes. I am so in love with the jumpsuit Ella is wearing on the right. First of all it fits perfect and secondly it’s striped!



Last but by far not least I want to share a few outfits of the amazing Bea. Bea is rocking OOTD’s at the moment and I love every single one of them. Bea had a big phot shooting of her vacation outfits whilst she was in Miami. I can’t pick a favourite outfit…

Vacay Stripes – BeaFree 


Vacay Bliss – BeaFree


Romper Lovin – BeaFree


Can you pick a favourite outfit? Because I can’t! I am obsessed with rompers, obsessed with stripes and obsessed with maxi-dresses. Bea, I want your closet please! 

As I said, please check out their posts to see their pictures in better quality. A big Thank You to Jamie, Ella and Bea for allowing me to use your pictures on my blog. You are all amazing bloggers, amazing people and so beautiful! Thanks again!

I said it a few times but I can’t pick a favourite outfit. Please let me know your favourite outfit in the comments below.

Love, x


If you ever want to get rid of any clothing pieces I featured today, just send them to me ;).



24 thoughts on “My favourite blog posts – lookbook edition 

  1. This is such a great post! I cannot thank you enough for even thinking of mentioning me, you’re so amazing girly. I love Bea’s OOTD posts, they are just fab! And the Lazy Oaf post is another one of my favs! Lots of love xxxxx

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