Vidtuesday – Ciarra Lorren 

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You probably all know the amazing Ciarra. She has a blog and shares current fashion styles. She’s also the creator of the smile tag. But the amazing Ciarra doesn’t only blog, she also has a YouTube channel. I love her videos and thought it was about time to share one of them in my Vidtuesday – series.

The video I am talking about today is this one:



Ciarra uploaded this video about a month ago, but I am still loving it so much. She’s wearing a red dress and shares three different ways to style it. I had quiet a big red obsession last month so this video was perfect for me.

I love the way Ciarra styled this dress. I love every single outfit and I think she did such a great job filming this video. She also uploaded a new video a couple of days ago which I love so much too.

Did you see Ciarra’s video? And do you like watching look books? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x



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