Glitter mascara – yes please?

My mum has a great selection of make up products. She has so many lipsticks (of course NYX), eye shadows and mascaras. Whilst I went through her products I found a really sparkly something. I looked at it and it turned out that I found her glitter-mascara. Glitter. Mascara. I was too excited and had to try it. I mean, who doesn’t love glitter?

We had tickets for an outside cinema for that evening and I thought there’s no better time to try this new mascara than tonight. And I love it so much. I mean there’s not much to say about  it other than it makes your lashes sparkle and makes them so much more beautiful.

This mascara feels completely normal on your eyes. It wasn’t irritating or itchy or something like that to me. It feels like a normal mascara. Getting it off isn’t too hard, there’s just one little thing to say about it.

Now as we now glitter is glitter and it gets everywhere. So when you wipe it off your eyes, your whole face sparkles. Personally I don’t mind that, as I said I love glitter. The only bad thing is that it’s a little bit tricky getting it off your lashes. Although my mum for example has no problem with getting it off, so maybe it depends on your lashes.

But all in all I really love this mascara. I mean if you have a good make up remover it’s no problem using this. Just keep in mind that it’s glitter.

Do you like glitter? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

29 thoughts on “Glitter mascara – yes please?

  1. I didn’t know glitter mascara was a thing! It’s good to know that it doesn’t irritate your eyes. I’m the worst at taking off eye makeup though, it takes forever, so I may steer clear of this for now 😂

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