Vidtuesday – Moonlight

It’s Tuesday so it’s time for another ‘Vidtuesday’. I love this little series and I am so glad so many of you enjoy it too.

I am so so obsessed with a song called ‘Moonlight’ by the amazing Grace Vanderwaal. Grace won America’s got talent last year and is one of the most amazing girls in this world. Her voice is insane and sounds so so amazing.

I watched her performances on Youtube and I fell in love with her. My favourite song was ‘Clay’ until she released ‘Moonlight’. 

I watched her music video and loved it so much, but there’s just one performance which blew my mind. Now I can’t stop watching it. She performed her new song at Vidcon and thankfully they filmed it and uploaded it to YouTube.

Grace VanderWaal – Moonlight (Live from YouTube’s vidcon)


I do not own the rights to this image. 

I can’t understand how a 13-year old girl can rock a stage like this. I love love love this performance of her!! And I can’t wait to hear what she’s writing next.

Do you know and love Grace too? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x










12 thoughts on “Vidtuesday – Moonlight

  1. I’ve just now listened to it. I loved Grace when she was on AGT and have been following her journey for a while. I love her! Thank you for sharing her video because this is the first chance I was able to watch it!

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