My favourite YouTuber – Zoella 


I am a huge fan of Zoe, aka Zoella. She is such an amazing woman I her videos make me just so happy. You probably all know her already, but I had to include her in this series at some point because she is my favourite youtuber!

The first video I watched of Zoe’s was this one:

Halloween cupcakes with pointlessblog


I do not own the rights to this image

This video is hilarious. I love watching it because it always puts me in such a good mood. When I watched it for the first time I was a little bit confused though. First of all my English was really bad at that point (well bad in my opinion), so firstly I didn’t get everything they said. But I really enjoyed watching it and really liked the crazy Zoe who baked some cupcakes with her boyfriend.

A few days later I decided to watch another video of hers. I can’t remember which one it was, but I had a massive binge-watch-session afterwards. I remember watching the ’50 facts about me’-video and when she said that she was in Harry Potter I gasped a little bit and immediately watched the first movie again.

Through her videos I learned that Zoe has anxiety. To that point I had no idea that this really existed. I don’t have anxiety, but I do have a few moments where I feel super anxious and feel like I can’t breathe. After I learned that I am not the only one who feels like this sometimes, I felt like Zoe really understands me and I loved her even more.

I thought it would be quiet nice if I share my favourite videos of hers with you:

Summer Lunch & Pug Walking

I do not own the rights to this image


I stopped counting how often I watched this video, but I really love it. It always excites me for summer.

The Perfect Picnic Party | Zoella 


I do not own the rights to this image


I think Zoe might be the queen of picnics. I really want to spent a day in summer with her. I think Zoe creates the most amazing summer days. That’s why I also love love this vlog:



I do not own the rights to this image


I do love all of Zoe’s videos and especially her vlogs are my favs. I can’t pick real favourites because they are all so amazing. But the last one I want to share with you is this one:



I do not own the rights to this image


My favourite bit is at 28:13 or so. Watch it and let me know what you think of it.

And that’s it for today’s post. I hope you liked it. Let me know if you like Zoe in the comments below. And let me know which video was your first one of hers.

Love, x




24 thoughts on “My favourite YouTuber – Zoella 

  1. Yes! (First of al I’m so glad I followed your blog- I love your posts!) I just love Zoe too, and seeing her talk about her anxiety has really helped me with mine. She is an inspiration. 💖

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I like Zoella I wouldn’t say I love her though! I can’t remember what video of hers I watched first but I remember wanting to watch even more after I watched the first one 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Zoe “Zoella” is one of my personal faves as well, she’s just such a role model as well as someone who I’d love to just hang out and be friends with .. good pick!

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