Glückgust – blogging everyday for a month – review 


I decided to blog for a full month in August. I had so much fun creating so many posts and I am so glad so many of you enjoyed it too. I thought it would be quiet nice to give you a little review about my Glücksgust-month. 

First of all, YES, it was quiet stressful on some days. At the start of August I went on holiday and had no internet for a week. My posts were scheduled but I wasn’t able to reply to comments or anything like that and was quiet scared that people would find it really rude. Luckily you all continued to comment so I was really happy about that.

Being able to think of 30 blog post ideas is quiet a skill and I have such a big respect to anyone who blogs daily. But as I said, it was so so much fun. I thought it would be quiet nice to share a whole list with all the posts I uploaded this month.

Vidtuesday – 1 second everyday 

What I ate Wednesday 

July favourites 

My favourite YouTuber – Bianca8198 

Gifted – film review 

Coffee date – without coffee

Aqua face mask – the best mask ever!

Vidtuesday – summer lookbook

Manhattan X-treme last lipliner – review

Beach walks 

New glasses 

How to spice up your summer drinks – Part 2

My favourite Youtuber – Alex Centomo

500 ghosties – 500 facts about me 

Vidtuesday – lookbook obsession 

What I ate Wednesday – Part 2

Jelly and gelato – Zoella beauty range 

Sunflower obsession/- tag 

My favourite blog posts – lookbook edition 

Raspberry lemonade – self-made

New l’oréal face mask – so blue, so good

Vidtuesday – Ciarra Lorren 

Sunflower cake 

Glitter mascara – yes please?

Get the look – Zoella 

Catching up with awards

Too cute to use.

OOTD – stripe obsessed

Vidtuesday – Moonlight

My favourite YouTuber – Zoella 

August favourites 

So I hope you scrolled down the whole thing because I have a little announcement to do:

I am doing it again! I am probably crazy but yes, I am blogging every single day in September too.

I hope you enjoy Glücksember (….).

Love, x



19 thoughts on “Glückgust – blogging everyday for a month – review 

  1. I agree it is so hard when you are on vacation and have to just abandon your blog and hope things go well! I blogged for a month solid once, and was a little frustrated with the lack of interaction on Fridays/Saturdays, so now I switched to posting 5 days and that seemed to be a good balance. If I log on over the weekend I usually just reply to comments and read other people’s blogs. It definitely is a struggle to come up with that much content all the time, but I agree it is a lot of fun!

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    1. Friday’s and Saturdays are the worst days for me too… but I like having a post to read on these days, So I am still uploading on the weekend too for now. It really is so much fun to think of so many blog ideas, that’s why I am doing it again. xx

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  2. You are a rockstar to be able to blog everyday, so good luck with it 🙂 It will be fun to look back at it much later in life and see what you were thinking about everyday in a particular month! x

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