~ My favourite quotes ~

The amazing Bea has a little series on her blog called Quotes to live by where she shares her favourite quotes. I love reading her posts and really wanted to share my favourite quotes with you. I hope you enjoy this.

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This is such an amazing quote! I am a real sunshine person. I feel good when the sun is shining and I get so much done when it’s nice outside. For me a dark sky screams for a bad day, but that’s just not true. As this quote says, on the other side of the cloud is a bright blue sky. We often forget on bad days that there’s always a different side. Just because it’s raining not everything is over.

30a3ea954fc03431140d0d9be2ecbc7cWhat should I say, this is just such a good quote!


This is probably the perfect quote for me. I am an over-thinker. I make myself crazy because I worry about the most stupid things. I often lie in bed and can’t sleep because I made my self crazy by over-thinking everything.


That’s the quote we should all live by. Don’t worry what other might think about you. Just be HAPPY.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your favourite quote in the comments below.

Love, x






36 thoughts on “~ My favourite quotes ~

  1. I absolutely love the 1st quote! I will treasure it in my mind. The quote “Don’t stop until your proud” is great for me when I do homework.

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  2. I literally connect with each of these quotes on several levels! But the first two are by far my favorites because they spread so much positivity and you know I’m all about that haha! Love it so much! Great post girl! xo

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  3. Ahhh your new signature at the end is beautoiful!! Also obsessed with all of these quotes, I especially love ‘be the reason someone believe in the goodness of people’ 🙂 ❤ x

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