So blue, so good – my favourite mascara

I recently uploaded a blog post about an amazing glitter mascara by Kiko. I love this glitter mascara so much and I love the brand Kiko. They have really affordable make up products and I own quiet a few nail polishes from them. But they also have great mascaras.

For my 18th birthday I got the blue benefit they’re real mascara. This mascara was so incredible! I loved it so much that I used up the whole mascara. I really wanted to repurchase it, but benefit mascaras are really expensive. I was looking for an alternative and I found a really good one.





As I said Kiko is really affordable. When I found out that they sell a blue mascara I just had to get it and I really love using it. It’s not as good as the benefit one, but it works absolutely fine for me.

Because I have blue eyes I love using a blue mascara. My eyes look so much more blue when I use this mascara and I love that so much!




Do you like using blue mascara? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x




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