Garnier SkinActive – the best face mask

As you know I love trying out new face masks. I am face mask crazy! I saw the advertising for a new face mask by garnier on tv and got really interested in the product. This mask isn’t just a mask. You can use this product as a face peeling, mask or face wash. Amazing? Oh yes! But let’s brake it down.


All in all although the mask includes the peeling-particles it’s really smooth. Because of the packaging you can apply it so nice and without a mess onto your face.


I love black face masks! They are by far my favourite masks and this one has such a good black colour.


The mask feels really nice on your skin. After a few minutes it dries on your skin and when you wash it off the peeling-particles really clean your skin. Afterwards you face feels just amazing!


I wasn’t sure if I 100% like the smell of the mask, but now I don’t mind it. The smell reminded me of a product my dad and brother are using. But I am terrible at describing smells so….


3,95 €

End Result

This mask/peeling/wash is amazing! I highly recommend checking it out if you love face masks.




Did you try this face mask? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, x




16 thoughts on “Garnier SkinActive – the best face mask

  1. Oh girl, that hair. You give me hair envy!! Such a beautiful color and so healthy. Love it. The mask sounds very nice. I’m wearing one I love and have been for a while because it’s the best I’ve tried. It’s by clean & clear and it really cleans my skin (morning and night). It’s cheap too, which makes it perfect. Oh, it’s actually not a mask, sorry. It’s a face cleanser. You wet your face, and wash with the cleanser. It feels great.

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  2. I have never tried this product from Garnier, I have been trying out the Skin active Botanicals rose range and I have really enjoyed using some of the rose water products, I’ve just uploaded a full review go check it out if you want they do lots of different ranges that are suitable for all skin types. Great post! xx

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  3. Aha love face masks too! Have tried the the Garnier skinactive white clay one and really love it use it all the time have seen this one in shops and really love the look of it will defo have to try it out! Fab review xx

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