My cosy time

A Sunday screams for some cosy time and I love these kinds of Sundays where you stay in your PJ’s all day. I thought it would be quiet nice to share what things I like to do on a really cosy SunDay.

No make up but face mask time

Of course I don’t wear any make up on my cosy days. But I love to do face masks. There’s just something so nice about pampering yourself. I don’t always do a face mask on Sundays but mostly. I alternate between them so it always change which one I am using at the moment.

Staying in your PJ’s all day

As I said, on a really cosy day you just have to spend the whole day wearing your PJ’s. But there’s a difference between them. I have quiet a few PJ’s and I love all of them, but the ones which make me feel the most relaxed and cosy are my Snoopy pyjamas.

Since I was a little child I always wore Snoopy pyjamas. I love Snoopy and the whole peanuts gang so much, so on a cosy day it has to be a Snoopy one.


Watching cosy series and films

Gilmore Girls is probably the most cosy series that exists. I love watching it and it just makes me feel so relaxed and happy. And because there are quiet a few seasons you can spend your whole day binge-watching them.

I also love to watch Hanni und Nanni (St. Clare’s) on these kind of days. I absolutely loved the books when I was younger and I still love them now. When I watch the movies now they take me back to my childhood and it’s just such a nice feeling.

Harry Potter is another cosy movie for me. Especially the third movie is one of my favourites to watch. They turn a Sunday into such a good one.

And I love to watch Formel 1 (formula 1) on Sundays. It is so relaxing to me and the perfect Sunday tv show. My dad is watching it for years now and I always saw little snippets of it too.

Reading a book

I am a big bookworm and although I love watching movies I just have to read a book on a cosy Sunday. At the moment I am reading the Harry Potter series again, but I also love to read old books to give me that cosy feeling. As I said the St. Clare’s series is one of my favs and I also have books from my mum when she was younger and I love reading them too. There’s just something so nice about holding and reading a book with a story to it.


Drinking a hot beverage

In summer I tend to drink just cold drinks, but I really love drinking tea. Because it’s getting colder now where I live I can finally pull out my stack of tea and start drinking tons of tea again. There’s just something so nice about reading and drinking a hot drink at the same time.

Filling in my bullet journal

There’s nothing better than being creative and I discovered my love for bullet journals. I love creating new pages and because it is so relaxing and calming, I love to do it on my cosy days.

Listening to music

I always listen to music but on Sundays I tend to go for more chilled songs. I also love to listen to songs I haven’t heard in ages or check out new playlists and songs.

Eating cookies

I don’t know why but eating cookies on a Sunday is just the perfect thing to do. Eating cake is also fine, but I just love having a nice Sunday-snack. My favourite cookies are chocolate-coconut ones. I eat them for years and whenever my mum surprises us with them, we are so excited.


What do you like to do on a cosy Sunday? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Love, x







35 thoughts on “My cosy time

  1. I like to curl up on my sofa and read a book or watch YouTube videos! When it gets cold and dark outside I like to turn on my fairy lights and drink a coffee or a hot chocolate! Great post, I especially love the photos! Xx

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  2. Omg I love this post! It really includes everything a perfect sunday is like for me too! Harry Potter is a must, hot beverage and those Snoopy PJs! They’re so cute! I’m really really excited for fall, everything’s so much cozier in fall! And I really need to start watching gilmore girls… everyone keeps telling me it’s their cozy program. It just never sounded particular interesting to me, but I guess I need to give it a try!
    love, elena

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