Striped Zara pants – my OOTDs

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I recently bought the most amazing striped pants. I get obsessed quiet easily and these pants are my new obsession. I absolutely love them and I am so glad I got them. So many of you enjoyed my post about them and the outfit I created with them (OOTD – stripe obsessed ).

So I thought it would be quiet nice if I share a few more outfit ideas with you including my new Zara pants.


I love this outfit!! I think the red shirt goes so well with the blue striped pants. Thanks mum for letting me borrow your shirt. Love it!


I do like this outfit but I wish my shirt didn’t shrink. I saw Zoe wearing a shirt like this with these pants and I loved her outfit so much! I do think it’s a good outfit but I wish the shirt would be a little bit bigger.


This is my favourite outfit!! I love wearing it so much. It’s getting quiet chilly where I live so I can’t wear tops anymore. I love this shirt so much! I got it last year from New Look and I am obsessed with it.

Which outfit do you like the best? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x



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