Zoe made me buy it

I see a lot of those ‘Instagram/Youtube’ made me buy it posts and videos and I do quiet like watching or reading them. But to be honest, the only person who really makes me buy things is Zoe Sugg.

I love her so much so I am not too mad at her for making me spend all my money 😉

1. Striped pants

Zoe is the queen of everything and when she wears striped clothing pieces, I need them too. I am really obsessed with stripes since last year, but I only had striped shirts and skirts. Luckily Zoe was so kind and introduced me to her new Zara pants and I got them and I love them so so much!!! (Video: BREAKFAST, BEACH & BEAUTY SURPRISE )

OOTD – stripe obsessed


Zoe was the one who introduced me to ASOS. Well… I am a little bit ASOS-obsessed… I ordered quiet a few things from them. I ordered so much that they started to send me their magazine…


3. Maxi skirts

Last year Zoe was obsessed with long maxi skirts. And because I saw her rocking them in every vlog of hers I decided to buy one myself. I absolutely love my skirt so so much and I wear it all the time, great buy! (Video: THE PERFECT DAY )


4. Ghost eclipse perfume

In 2014 Zoe shared a perfume in one of her videos called ‘Ghost eclipse’. A year or two later I bought it for myself because Zoe said that this perfume is a great summer perfume. And it is indeed a great and amazing perfume! I can’t describe scents so if you can sniff it somewhere than do that. (Video: Current Beauty & Random Favourites )


5. NYX liquid lipsticks

Zoe uploaded a vlog where she went shopping with Sean and Poppy. She discovered the brand NYX and bought a liquid lipstick. In her favourites video she said that she’s obsessed with them and my mum and I decided to try them and OMG! NYX is my favourite lipstick brand and my mum and I have so many shades. They are so amazing. (Video: NAUGHTY NALA )

Zoe also introduced me to the ‘Maybelline lash sensational mascara’ and I love it. It’s such a great mascara and I am so happy I’ve tried it.

6. HP Sprocket

Last year a few weeks before Christmas, Zoe shared in one of her videos a little printer. You can take this printer everywhere because it is so small and the pictures turn out so cute so I got it for Christmas and again, best present ever. I am using it so much and my whole family loves it too. (Video: What’s In My Bag 2016 | Zoella )


7. Dungarees 

When I was younger I loved wearing dungarees. Now they are back on trend and Zoe is rocking them so much that I wanted to try wearing them again too and I love them so much!! (Video: THE HOTTEST DAY )


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x








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