Vidtuesday – Darci Lynne

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I became a little bit obsessed with watching America’s got talent auditions on YouTube. I stumbled across this little girl called Darci and absolutely fell in love with her. Darci showed up with a bunny-puppet and delivered the most amazing ventriloquism performance I’ve ever seen.

When she entered the stage it already melted my heart because she is just too adorable. When she started her little show and began to sing she completely blew my mind. This little girl has such a big and incredible voice.



I do not own the rights to this image


I nearly started crying when Mel B hit the golden buzzer. I was so so happy for her!

Do you like AGT? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x


14 thoughts on “Vidtuesday – Darci Lynne

  1. I actually have a special… hate for talent shows 😂 because we have so many here in Portugal. Every channel has a different one. (…) got talent, (…) idol, the voice, so you think you can dance etc etc. it gets old and kind of annoying lol

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