Garnier hydra bomb sheet mask – comparison

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I love face masks. I call myself face mask crazy because I am using a face mask everyday. I love pampering myself and taking some time of the day to relax. I think it’s really important to have at least 15 minutes a day where you pamper yourself.

The face mask I am talking about today is the Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb sheet mask.


I recently shared a review of the Balea Aqua face mask which is pretty similar to this one. Because of that I thought it would be quiet nice to compare them with each other.

Balea Aqua sheet mask   Garnier Hydra Bomb sheet mask


  Balea Aqua sheet mask                              Garnier Hydra Bomb sheet mask

Packaging: The balea mask is a simple white sheet mask folded together in a little bag. The garnier mask consists of a white sheet mask and a blue protection – mask. You put the two masks on your face and smooth them out. Then you peel off the blue mask. I really prefer the packaging of the Garnier mask. As you can see on the picture the Garnier mask is packaged in a bigger bag because it has the blue protection – mask. I really love that.
Consistency: It does feel a bit slimy and wet when you get the mask out of the package, but I don’t mind that. This mask feels wet and a little bit slimy too. I don’t really think there’s a difference between the two masks in this point. They both feel slimy and wet 😉.


Feeling: This mask feels so nice and hydrating on your face. Perfect for hot summer days or for any pamper day. The mask feels really hydrating and light on your skin. The Garnier sheet mask is really thin. It feels really nice and light on your skin and I prefer that.

0.95 € 1.85 €  
End result: The Balea mask does a really good job. Your face feels really nice and hydrated afterwards, but also a little bit sticky. The mask is a little bit thick and I am not sure if I really love that. The Garnier mask is an amazing hydrating mask. I love the feeling of it on my skin and I think the price is really good for a mask like this. I prefer the garnier sheet mask because it is so thin and light. Afterwards my face feels so hydrated and good, so I think it’s okay to pay a little bit more.
Rating: 3/5 5/5 Both of these masks are really good and I love using both of them, but in my opinion the garnier mask is a little bit better.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below,

Love, x



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