Sister time – the best time

Some of you may not know that I have a little sister. She’s definetly the best sister in the entire world and I love her so so much! I love spending time with her and we always have so much fun together. 

I really wanted to share what we’ve been up to together this summer to keep this as a memory on my blog.

Watching Hanni und Nanni (St. Clares)

My sister first didn’t want to watch these movies because she saw them already but then we watched all 3 movies together and I have them on replay since that day. I love watching these movies with my sister and the third one is so funny! We just sit on the couch laughing. I read the books when I was younger and they were my favourite books so seeing the story on a big screen feels really weird because I feel really old now.

Laughing with my sister

My sister is so cute and always gets the hick ups whenever she starts laughing which normally leads to more laughing. Some of the best laughing moments I had with my sister and I love remembering them.

Durch die Wildnis

We love to watch this series where 6 teenagers go on a adventure in one country and have to do different task. They sleep in tents and live 4 weeks without phones, internet and stuff like that. We have so so much fun watching it together because it’s so funny. We watched it the whole evening yesterday and laughed so much because there are quiet a few cringe-moments. This was one of my favourite days this summer because it felt so special to me.

Cooking with my sister

Normally I cook for both of us but I love when my sister stands beside me and we just talk and laugh because I always make a little mess. We have such good conversations whilst cooking.

Talking at the same time and filling in each other’s sentences

This sounds more crazy than it is, but we do have a few inside jokes. We watch a few tv series together and we love to quote them.


My sister normally doesn’t like being touched, but sometimes she just sits next to me and hugs me and it always melts my heart and makes me so happy. She can be so cute! 😉

Dancing and singing together

Whenever they play a good song on the radio we turn up the volume and we sing and dance together. It’s so much fun! I hate singing in front of other people and I also don’t dance but with my sister I can do that and we just burst out into laughing because of our great (not) moves.

Do you have siblings? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x


13 thoughts on “Sister time – the best time

  1. This makes my heart so happy! Sisterhood is such an incredible and special bond. I love that you guys are able to do all these fun things! One of my favorite things to do with my older sister was have crazy sing along sessions with hair brushes as our microphones and belt it out. ❤

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  2. I have an older brother. We used to fight all the time until my brother went to university and I realised just how much I missed him! 😀 He’s so busy with work and grumpy a lot of the time (cause he’s tired) but I enjoy what time I do get with him!

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