My first time voting 

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Today are the elections for the bundestag in Germany. It is so important to vote and I was really excited to vote this year for the first time. 


I know this whole politics thing can be annoying and literally everybody is talking about it but as I said it is more than important to vote. So if you haven’t voted yet, go and do that. 

Love, x

35 thoughts on “My first time voting 

  1. My entire family went to vote this morning. What a fun sunday family activity being a pflichtbewusster Bürger 😀 it’s actually different awaiting the results now I feel like because I had a say in it.. S xx

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  2. So cool! I honestly can’t wait until I can vote and have an official say in what goes on. I’ve seen the news about the election votes in Germany actually…how do you feel about it? X

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  3. Just remember:
    1) As a citizen, your vote counts! Doesn’t matter your age, gender, or height. (Because I am really short hehe) Your opinion matters!

    2) It is our duty to vote as well, if you get annoyed or something DONT NOT VOTE! Every vote counts!!!
    Awesome post, keep it up. I hope you keep these thoughts in mind for later:)


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