My first bullet journal – Part 2

I started my first bullet journal last month. I love journaling and so many of you loved my post where I shared a few pages from my bullet journal. Because of that I thought it was time to share a few more with you.

I love lists and I know that most people use their bullet journals for these, but I am sharing more of my drawings with you today. I hope that’s fine and I hope you enjoy this post.

My Cacti and Groot obsession

I love Cacti as most of you know. I had a little cacti series on my blog and I still love them so much. Of course I had to create a little Cacti page in my journal.

I finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy and now I get it. This movie is insane! I love all the characters so much and I completely fell in love with Groot, especially Baby Groot is just too cute!


Peter Pan and cotton candy dreams

When I was younger I was obsessed with the movie Peter Pan. I watched it so so often and I dreamed of flying out of my room and going on little adventures. It’s just such a great movie and I really want to watch it now.

I love cotton candy, I mean who doesn’t?! But the last time I ate it was ages ago. I used to make it myself with our cotton candy machine and had a little moment when I realised that cotton candy is just raw sugar…. what was I thinking? But I am really craving it at the moment, so maybe I’ll have to get our cotton candy machine out of the cupboards.


Sunshine-flowers and my Fall bucket list

As you know I love my sunflowers and I am missing the sun like crazy at the moment. Today has been such a rainy cloudy day and I want my sunshine back please.

Fall screams for a fall bucket list and this one is mine (click the picture to read it). I really want to make smores this year because I’ve never done or eaten them in my life, can you believe that? But I am just so excited for fall walks, fall decorations and Halloween.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which page you like the best in the comments below.

Love, x




20 thoughts on “My first bullet journal – Part 2

  1. I love this! Bullet journaling does look like so much fun, but I feel like I would mess up on one page, and then want to buy a whole new book 😂 I’m glad you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy! Baby groot is just the best 😀

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