My favourite quotes – Part 2

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You asked for it so here it is, Part 2 of my favourite quotes! I love reading these quote-posts and I am so happy you enjoyed mine too.

I do not own the rights to any of these images. Source: Pinterest


Let’s start with my favourite quote. How amazing and how true is this one? We should all try to be kind humans because it doesn’t cost you anything but makes people so much more happier.


Seeing all these ‘beautiful’ people on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest can be really hard sometimes. I do find myself sometimes admiring someone’s style, look, beauty so much that I ask myself why I am not that pretty. This is such a bad thought and can be really dangerous, but I think as you get older you really start loving yourself and honestly I don’t want to change anything about myself. Of course I have these days where I feel like shi***, but as I said, I wouldn’t change anything.


This is such a beautiful quote. If there’s no rain how could there be flowers? Sometimes we have to fail to raise up again. So beautiful and so true.



What should I say about this other than be happy, don’t give a damn shi*** about what other people say. (I don’t swear, so sorry ;)).

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun picking my favourite quotes. Let me know your favourite one in the comments below.

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30 thoughts on “My favourite quotes – Part 2

  1. Such great quotes! I adore the admire “someone’s beauty without questioning your own” So true though at times difficult. I can attest though in my “old” age (;p) , you definitely gain confidence and wisdom. I think you also learn that supporting others, especially other women, is a great thing!
    “let your smile change the world…” is also a personal favorite of mine. ❤

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