700 followers – blog update

I can’t believe that I am saying this but I’ve reached 700 followers on my blog. This is so so crazy to me and I really want to say thank you to each of you for always supporting me.

As most of you know I am blogging everyday since August and I can’t describe how much I am enjoying blogging at the moment. I have so much fun writing up blog posts, taking (hopefully) cool pictures and talking with you guys in the comments.

With that being said I really wanted to know which posts of me you like the best. Of course I am uploading the things I love but I was wondering if there’s anything you really love to read from me.

I also wanted to know if you enjoy having a post from me every single day. I really want to blog everyday in October too as it’s one of the most special months to me, but I really don’t want to annoy you.

I also wanted to ask if you enjoy my Vidtuesday series where I share a video I really liked that week with you. I am uploading these posts every Tuesday for a few weeks now but I don’t know if you’re sick of them because there are too many video posts and whether I should take a little break with these or keep on doing them. I absolutely love sharing these videos with you but as I said I was just wondering if you really like these posts too.

Oh and I had a little problem with my comments. I couldn’t comment on some of your posts but I fixed this problem now. So please don’t think I am ignoring you.

Because I worked so hard on my blog and wanted to upload amazing blog posts I didn’t comment as much as I did before on your posts. I am sorry for that, currently working on the perfect balance. Love you guys xx

Thanks again for 700 followers! You guys are more than just incredible.

Love you, x



59 thoughts on “700 followers – blog update

  1. Wow congratulations on 700 followers! That is such a good achievement and well done for blogging every day – I could never do that 😂 Can’t wait to see your posts in October and I can reassure you that I could never get bored of them!! ❤️

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  2. Congratulation love!

    Personally I don’t like blogging everyday simply because I can’t keep up with everything! I like to go through all of the posts in the Reader, and sometimes I can’t get to the bottom and some posts get less love than they deserve. But if you feel like blogging every day, there’s nothing to stop you! x

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  3. 700!! Woo, congrats Anni! Also, I’ve been loving having posts from you everyday! There’s not too many in the daily blogging game, and I’ve been loving having you as one of them 😀

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