My favourite Instagram accounts

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I do love Instagram. It can be a great place and I love it for inspiration and travel posts. I also have an Instagram account for my blog so if you want check it out (Gluecksgeist). Today I want to share my favourite Instagram accounts with you.

I do not own the rights to any of these images.


These pictures look so cute! I love pastel colours and these ones are just goals! I discovered this account about 3 months ago and I really enjoy looking at the pictures. As I said I love travel photos and these ones are just amazing.

instagram2Okay, I found the perfect Instagram account for travel pictures. I mean, look at them! how crazy good are these pictures? I love them and I also love the flat-lays. They are really good and so neat.


This account is just everything, like it’s crazy. To me that’s the perfect OOTD-Instagram account. Her style is unbelievable. She’s just so cool and her pictures are just so on point. This really is the perfect account for any fashion-lover.


Because it’s autumn now I really fancy some nice autumnal pictures and I found the perfect fall-account. These pictures are everything and literally scream autumn to me. I love the hot chocolates, pumpkins and nice fall-colours. Just amazing!

Let me know what your favourite Instagram accounts in the comments below.

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