Listening Vinyl

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Last year I won a record player. I still can’t believe that I won it but the company sent it to me and I am in love with it ever since. I don’t have a crazy amount of records like my mum does, but I have two which I absolutely love. I don’t know why but listening to the songs on my record player feels so special and makes them sound even better.

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My first record that I got was ‘Chaos and the calm’ by James Bay. I went to his concert two years ago and had such a great time! (check out my concert post here). Seeing him live was amazing and his voice is incredible. I love listening to his songs and after the concert I knew quiet a lot of his lyrics, so screaming them out whilst listening to him is amazing!



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This is probably my favourite record ever. I absolutely love Taylor Swift. Her album 1989 is one of my favourites and her voice is just a dream! I know quiet a lot of her lyrics so I love singing with her. I really want to see her live one day. The cover of her album is so pretty and this record means a lot to me. My mum got it for me and I really have the best mum in the entire world.

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I wish records wouldn’t be that expensive because affording them is really hard. But they are just so cool and sound so amazing, I really can’t help it.

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I also just want to point out how much fun I had taking these pictures. I really hope you like them and like the vibe I was going for.

Do you have a record player? What’s your favourite record? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x


36 thoughts on “Listening Vinyl

  1. I love the aesthetic of your photos! The whole black and white theme is neat 😄
    I don’t have a record player but I have a friend who does. We listen to the Grease soundtrack 😂
    Music really does sound a lot more unique coming from a record player than a speaker 😄

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  2. The photos definitely have a really calming and artistic vibe in my opinion – I loved them and this post! Would love to own a record player myself in the future, it’s such a shame that these things are on the pricier side..xox

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