20 things I learned in 20 years 

First of all am I doing this wrong? Yes, I turned twenty today but does that mean I have to share 19 things because my 19th year is now over? Do you get what I mean? 😉
It’s my birthday so my rules and I want to share twenty things I learned in twenty years as well as things I learned about myself.


1. A friendship is a relationship between two people.
2. Family is everything.
3. Being able to say I’ll do that tomorrow’ is one of the most precious things in life.
4. Naps can fix a lot!
5. Dreams are amazing but so is life.


6. There’s nothing better than a nice sunny day.
7. I am so thankful for Music!
8. I am obsessed with obsessions.
9. I’ll party the best in my PJ’s watching YouTube.
10. Glitter makes everything so much better.

11. ASOS is the best and the most dangerous place.
12. I love spending time alone every now and then.
13. I hate being without my family.
14. Wild Child is the best movie ever!
15. You really know a song or movie is good if you can listen or watch it on repeat.
16. Being different is one of the coolest things.
17. The best food you can have for breakfast is cake.

18. I am the most productive when I wake up early.
19. Pasta is the best and easiest thing to make.
20. Blogging is a great hobby.

I am really 20!… That is crazy and I do feel a little bit old. I hope you enjoyed this post. I tried to keep it fun and deep 😉

I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for your support.

Love, x


61 thoughts on “20 things I learned in 20 years 

  1. Happy birthday!!! I hope you’ve had the most amazing day so far and have of course, eaten all the care (for every meal, not just breakfast;)). Loved reading this post, makes me excited to turn 20 myself – just under two years to go hahah. xox

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  2. ‘5. Dreams are amazing but so is life.’
    I’m 24 and only realised this recently – I spend such a lot of energy planning and hoping for the future, often the present passes me by.
    Happy birthday to you! The best is just beginning 😉

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  3. Happy 20th birthday!!! I’ll comment on the ones I relate to the most:

    2- YES I always appreciated my family but I appreciate them so much more now. Me and my brothers are super close and my parents are pretty cool. Family is forever.

    4- Omg they do! Sometimes I get this annoying feeling of a knot in my stomach from being anxious so I try to go sleep and when I wake up my mind is kind of cleared off, you get what I mean?

    12- I discovered that about myself too.


    17- YES. YES. AND YES. 😂😂 I’m serious, it’s amazing!!

    20- I love it!!

    Again, happy birthday!! Have a great year.

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  4. Can I tell you something – your blog is unique: a blog theme I can’t recall seeing since most bloggers have similar blog themes! Your blog looks very nice, the profile picture is cute and this post, enjoyable to read and it is my first post I read from your blog! I am 20 years too! Yay twenties buddies! 😛

    “Family is everything” – so true! No joke. I realized the people who never change are family, friends stay and go, they are impermanent in terms of presence. Family accept you regardless of one’s imperfections lol = hahah 😛

    I wish you a pleasant 20th B’day, hope you received plenty of gifts, many smiles and a awesome birthday cake! 😀

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  5. Ahhhhh, I’ve been too busy to check my blog that I missed your birthday!!! Boooo me!!!! But….HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE OF EUROPE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUU! I hope you had an amazing day gorgeous! x

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  6. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have the most wonderful and most amazing day ever and a great next year! Your blog is awesome and so was this post and I’m just happy that I found you here in the WordPress community!! 💕☺️
    Much love and alles Gute! 😉
    Elena ❤️

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