Glücksgeist – What does my name mean?

I am hitting milestone after milestone at the moment and because my name is quiet unusual, I thought it was about time to explain it. I talk about my name a little bit in my About me page, but today I am giving my name a post on it’s own.

Glücksgeist is a combination of two German words: Glück and Geist. Glück means Luck and Geist means Ghost.

I know what you are thinking, this still makes absolutely no sense and you are right.

A friend of mine and I used to play a game called ‘Mario Party 8’ on the Wii. We always played together as a team and she was the turtle ‘Yoshi’ and I always went for the ghost ‘Buhuu’. The computer gives you a team-name based on your characters and we got Glücksgeist. We loved this name so much and called each other like that as a nickname.

After a year of blogging I decided that Annii2015 really isn’t the name I was happy with. I know, so original choosing your nickname and the year you started your blog but finding a good blog-name is so hard. I couldn’t be more happier with my name and I absolutely love Glücksgeist.

To me Glücksgeist stands for obsessions. I get really obsessed with things and because my friend and I played this game for hours, days, weeks and months I think it’s faire to say that we were more than just obsessed.

Glücksgeist also is a kind of weird name and I am definitely not normal, at least I hope so. I hope Glücksgeist stands for happiness too because I love to laugh and really love being happy and love making other people happy.

And because Ghosts are transparent I really try to be that on my blog too. I know I don’t show my face and I don’t talk about personal things that much, but I am 100% me here. I don’t upload things I don’t like and I don’t try to be someone else.

I hope you liked this post. I really want to say thank you again for your amazing support. You all are truly the best ghosties ever. Can’t believe we are 800 here. 

Love, x



35 thoughts on “Glücksgeist – What does my name mean?

  1. When I first came across your blog I immediately fell in love with the name because it has such a nice ‘ring’ to it in my opinion, and the story behind it is really cool as well!!

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  2. I remember you mentioning in your about page how you got the name, but I forgot what the name meant! “Lucky ghost” 😂 That’s the best! It definitely fits your blog, and I still have to double check the spelling every time I try to write it 😂

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  3. I’m only realizing this now, but you’re from Germany! How cool is that? Ich liebe Deutschland, it’s such a beautiful country! It’s only a 5-minute-drive for me to be there! I really like your little background story about your name! I also used to play mario party a lot! Schönes Wochenende, xo

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