My fall base make up routine

In summer I wore only powder because it was so hot that my make up just melted away. Because it’s getting colder now I started wearing foundation again and I love it. Because of that I thought it was about time to share my fall make up routine with you.

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One of the most important things for me in fall is lip balm. I always switch them up but this one from caudalié is just insane! After I applied my lip balm I apply my concealer. I use the Rival de Loop concealer in the shade 01. I am using this one for years now and I just really like it.

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After that it is time for foundation. Until last year I only wore BB creams but I fell in love with this foundation by Rituals. It works really nice for my skin and even has SPF 15 which is just great. I really can’t imagine using a different foundation, this one is just too good and gives great coverage without feeling heavy on my skin.

After that I would apply an eye shadow but I normally just go for a base colour, like a shimmery gold or something like that. I always use different mascaras because I love trying new ones. Today I went for a Kiko one which I like. It’s not my favourite mascara but it works.

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Now it’s time for bronzer and powder. When I wear foundation I normally go for a light powder but I didn’t have one at my mum’s so I had to deal with a coloured one which worked fine as well. I am always using a Manhattan bronzer and powder. They are just my favs.

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And that’s it. I don’t do crazy things, I like having a simple make up routine.

What are your go-to fall make up products? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x