DIY Photo Wall Hanging

#diy, Random

I saw this DIY everywhere on Pinterest. I love a good DIY-session so I just had to give this a try and I had so much fun building this together.

First of all you have to choose 9 pictures that you want to hang on to your wall. I chose 18 because I crafted a pink and a blue version of this. After that I cut them out and placed them in the right order.

Instead of a wood-thing I used two straws and I tied the pictures with some string around them. This is really easy to do and I love the colour-scheme I went for.

I think this turned out so cute and amazing! I am obsessed with this and I always smile when I look at it on my wall. You really need to recreate this too.

I hope you liked this DIY post. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x


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