How I wear my sandals in fall

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It’s cold, it’s sweater weather, it’s fall. I do love fall a lot, but I also love my sandals and at the moment I really want to wear them. I saw so many people wearing sandals with socks and first I wasn’t too sure about it but now I absolutley love this style.

I went for some pink glitter socks. I bought them for my mum for christmas last year. She absolutely loves them and because she is just amazing she lets me borrow them.

I think they look so cool together with my sandals. I really love this style. There are so many options to style them, I went for a pink outfit today.


Jeans – H&M  Shirt – Mango

I wore my sandals together with some black jeans and a pink shirt. I really love this outfit! I think it looks so cool and I am so obsessed with this look.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Do you like this style? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x











30 thoughts on “How I wear my sandals in fall

  1. I love this 😍😍 such a cute way of keeping warm, I especially like that they are see through so you only notice the pattern peaking through in a really subtle but adorable way 😍

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