My Halloween outfit

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So we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Germany. This is probably shocking for some of you but we don’t dress up and we don’t go trick or treating. I mean a few people do these things but it’s not really a common thing.

Because I don’t dress up on Halloween I still wanted to feel the Halloween vibe and put a sort of Halloween themed outfit together.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I got this shirt last year for my birthday. I saw it on ASOS and wanted to order it but it was sold out. I told my mum about it and I she was faster than me and got it for me. Well, it was my sister’s present for me but my mum ordered it. I absolutely love this shirt and I mostly wear it with some black jeans, but today I felt adventurous and wanted to create a different outfit.

I paired it with some jeans from ASOS and I really like the look of it. I mean it probably doesn’t scream Halloween but for me it’s the perfect Halloween outfit considering that we don’t celebrate it. If I go to a party I would wear it with some black jeans and probably some heels but the only Halloween party I’ve been to was my own and it consisted of a friend and me watching Harry Potter for hours.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I hope you like my Halloween outfit. I know it’s sad that I don’t dress up, sorry Kali. I am so excited though to see your costumes.

Love, x








21 thoughts on “My Halloween outfit

  1. We don’t celebrate halloween here where I live either, I have always been so jealous to the kids who get to go trick or treating and get so much candy haha! I love your halloween themed outfit, that shirt is so cool ☠️ xx

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  2. We don’t really celebrate Halloween down here either. A few people do, but I think it’s America where they go all out. It’d definitely be cool to experience one day. That being said, I love your Halloween outfit! That skeleton shirt is awesome!

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  3. I hope you do witness it in America because it rlly is cool. Halloween in Germany sounds very peaceful which is also good! Anyways happy halloween!

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