Cupcake cones

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I saw iJustine and her sister making these and loved the idea behind them. These cupcake cones look so so adorable. I really wanted to make my own and I had so much fun doing this. In summer I eat ice cream every single day but now I don’t fancy something so cold anymore, the solution: cupcake cones. They look like ice cream but taste like cake, just amazing.

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Making cupcake cones is so easy. You take your ice cream cones and place your muffin batter in it. And then you bake them in the oven like normal muffins in a muffin tin. After that you can add your icing. I wanted them to look like a real nice soft ice.

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I died my icing purple and piped it onto my cones. After that I added a few sparkly unicorn sprinkles for some finishing touches. I am so happy with them! I think they turned out so amazing.

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My family absolutely loved eating them. These cones are a perfect little snack as well as an amazing party snack idea. And you can take some pretty cool pictures for Instagram with them.

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What do you think of these cupcake cones? Let me know in the comments below.

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42 thoughts on “Cupcake cones

  1. Omg these literally make my mouth water. I love cupcakes and icecream cause im not a cake person. But anyways yea. That is an extremely good looking cupcake lol

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      1. Omg I know your legit 1 follower away but CONGRATS ON 900 FOLLOWERS! Idc that you only have 899 but its probably an error or something. Anyways congrats!

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  2. These look amazing! I’d seen somewhere before about baking cakes actually in ice cream cones but I was always unsure how it would work and whether the cone would get soggy! But these look brilliant!

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