Hanni und Nanni

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When I was younger and still listened to cassette tapes I was absolutely obsessed with the St. Clare’s series. I had so many cassettes from this series and also a couple of books. I loved listening to the stories and reading them myself. Although I am quiet old now I still read the books every couple of months. To me these are the most special and most amazing books I’ve ever read.

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In Spring and summer I read the Harry Potter series like crazy, but fall screams for the St. Clare’s series, in german called ‘Hanni und Nanni’. When I was younger I wanted to have a twin for so bad because I loved these two girls so so much.

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I don’t know why but reading these stories is one of the most magical things to me. This probably sounds crazy to some of you, but no other book (except of ‘Lilli aus dem Doktorhaus’) makes me feel so calm and happy with myself like this one.

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I had this moment where I read the second book series a couple of days ago and really missed the times where I listened to these stories on repeat and read them again and again and again. Although you shouldn’t live in the past I do miss these times and I wish we would still have more of these ‘old’ books.

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I adore the language they used, the things they wore and the life they lived. Of course some changes are amazing but this old beautiful german language is just so so nice to read.

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Did you read a book series like this too? Let me know which childhood books you are still reading every now and then in the comments below.

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16 thoughts on “Hanni und Nanni

  1. Ahh this post made feel so nostalgic. I love rereading books from childhood. When I am sick or even if it is a yucky day, I always reach for choldhood favs like nancy Drew or Trixie Belden. There is something so comforting about not only going back in time, but revisiting some good memories from childhood 💗

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