October favourites

I can’t believe it’s the last day of October already. The time really is flying buy, crazy. But this means it’s time for my monthly favourites and I have some really good ones.


I ordered quiet a few things from ASOS this month. They really have some amazing pieces at the moment and I just had to get them. I was also buying a lot of Christmas presents already. I love to be prepared and yes my first Christmas present I bought back in September.

A little ASOS haul

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I am so obsessed with these pants and my new pink shirt. I can’t stop wearing these two things and I am just so in love with them. Really happy you love them too.

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I really bought the most amazing purse this month. I was on the hunt for a good but cheap one and I found the perfect one, couldn’t be happier with it.

I also did something really fun this month. I chatted with ASOS this month. I had a question and they helped me out which was really cool and so much fun to do. Highly recommend checking this out if you need any help with something.


I really enjoyed baking this month a lot. I got the cookbook ‘Tanya bakes’ for my birthday this month and I was super obsessed with it. I tried quiet a few new recipes and I love them so so much. My family was super happy with them too, so that’s really nice.

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I really got into wearing my foundation this month. In summer I only wore powder and now I am all about foundation again. I also found the most amazing hand cream. My mum got me a similar one before and I really loved using it so much but this one is pink so I just had to get it and I am obsessed with it. I have really dry skin and this cream helps a lot with it.

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I also loved using my face-brush-cleaner-thing-y this month. It is so much fun to use and it really helped me with my dry skin. I also loved the sephora face sheet mask my mum got me from Italy. It’s such an amazing hydrating mask and I wish I would have hundreds of it left.

My skincare routine

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A few weeks ago I tried the new Zoella range and really liked it. I forgot a little bit about the products but really fell in love with them again this month. I’ve been using the shower gel and scrub like crazy and I really love the scent again.

Jelly and gelato – Zoella beauty range 


And I also used my Rituals scrub I got from my brother for my birthday like crazy. Rituals products are just amazing and super nice. And I fell in love with my brown NYX lipstick I got from my mum. Such a nice shade and I’ve been constantly wearing it.

My first brown lipstick

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When I was younger I used to read and listen to the stories of this book series called ‘Hanni und Nanni’ (St. Clare’s series) like crazy. These books mean so so much to me and I enjoy reading them so much. It really takes me back to my childhood and they really calm me down and make me feel really good.

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I also read ‘Mary Poppins’ this month. I got the first book for my birthday from my amazing mum. I had a huge Mary Poppins – obsessions this year and reading this story was just super nice.


I started wearing socks in sandals this month. I know what you are thinking right now, really? But I really enjoyed this style in October. I loved the look of it and it was just so much fun to create different outfits with my loved socks and sandals.

How I wear my sandals in fall

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Because of Tanya’s baking book I ate quiet a few pistachio baking goods. They tasted amazing and my mum and I love pistachios so we really enjoyed them a lot.

I also ate so much Müsli together with my almond milk this month. I really forgot about almond milk but I fell in love with it again and I’ve been eating it like crazy together with my chocolate Müsli.

And I’ve been drinking a lot of juices paired with some sparkly water. It tastes so good and is kind of healthy, am I right? 😉 And I’ve been drinking a lot of tea because it got really really cold.

Films and series

Spiderman homecoming. This movie is so hilarious and just amazing. I wanted to watch it for quiet a while and I finally did it at the beginning of October. I loved it so much that I was watching it like crazy. Such a fun movie.

I am not really into casting shows and stuff like that but one show I just absolutely love to watch is Germany’s next Topmodel. I am watching it for years now and it’s such a good show to play in the background whilst doing stuff.

The originals season 4 was just unreal. I absolutely loved it, like so so much. Summer Fontana was the cutest child ever and she did such a good job. I am really excited for season 5 and so sad that it’s going to be the last one.

And I started binge-watching the second season of Quantico this month too. I nearly finished it and enjoyed watching it.

The best movie I watched this month was the last movie of ‘Fack ju Göhte’. I expected a lot and my sister and I really liked the movie. It was so much fun to watch it together and they really did a great job. So sad it’s the last one.


The vamps, matoma – staying up

Sunrise avenue – I help you hate me

Grace Vanderwaal – Escape my mind

Moana – How far I’ll go

Noah Cyrus – Stay together


I’ve been really pink obsessed this month. Although it’s fall I just loved the colour pink so much more than any berry shade. Pink clothes, pink photos, just anything pink.

I really enjoyed watching Instagram stories this month too. I loved watching the story of Claire Holt and Juleslw. Claire shared videos from the set of the originals and Julia just posted everyday things.

Aspyn Ovard also shared some great stories and some amazing vlogs this month. I really enjoy watching her videos and was really happy with her content this month.


As always let me know what you’ve been loving this month in the comments below.

Love, x




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  1. Loved this post and I also watch Claire’s instagram story 😀
    I just published my first monthly favourites post and would be so happy if someone checked it out! Have a lovely day 💘☀️🙌🏻

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