How I style my black and white pants

I had a little ASOS shop a few days ago and bought these amazing black and white pants from Boohoo. Since that day I am so obsessed with them and wearing them non-stop. Because of that I wanted to share two outfit ideas on how I style them.


Basic white shirt

There’s nothing better than a simple but nice outfit and I really like this one a lot. I often forget about simple white t-shirts but you can create so many amazing outfits with them. It’s also a really easy look to throw on.


Shirt – Mango 



Flower shirt – pink-y vibe

Although I love a simple nice look this look is probably my favourite. I bought this dress on ASOS and completely fell in love with it. I love to wear it together with my pants and I think this is such a chic and lovely look. I am really obsessed with this and can’t stop wearing it. Love a good pink shirt.


Shirt – New Look (ASOS – SALE)


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x




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