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I think we all established at this point that I have a true obsession with Rosie from MsRosieBea. It’s still a healthy obsession, I think, so it’s fine. As I said in some posts of mine before I really adore Rosie’s style. She studies fashion design so she clearly knows what she is talking about.

I’ve done a few Get the look posts on my blog and I love to do them, but I wanted to do something different this time. So I basically recreated/got inspired by her outfits for a week and I had so much fun doing this.

I do not own the rights to any of the images of Rosie.


Yes, my week weirdly starts with Wednesday but that’s the first day I wore a Rosie-outfit.



Shirt – Brandy Melville   Lipstick – Manhattan lipliner (red)


This photo of hers took me back to school times. I bought this shirt ages ago and really forgot about it. After seeing Rosie’s photo I fell back in love with it and wore it today with some black jeans and my nike trainers, simple but really nice outfit. And of course we can’t forget about the red lipstick, but to be honest I only put that on for the photo. #bloggerproblems




Shirt – Mango

My day started pretty chilled with playing some ‘Animal crossing’ on my phone. How addicting is this game?! Then I watched a ton of Rosie videos, mostly vlogs (love her vlog-y styled videos so much!). There is one vlog in which she bakes some millionaire shortbread. Since I watched that vlog I really wanted to make it myself and today I decided to make it. The sun was shining and it was just such a lovely day. So I went to the shop in my striped shirt to get the ingredients and after some animal crossing I started making it and I had a lot of fun doing this!





Shirt – ASOS

I wore my ‘Good vibes’ shirt today because my mum moved flats today and it was quiet something. My arms hurt from caring all these boxes. It was a really eventful day and I felt like I needed some good vibes to get me through it.






Shoes – ASOS

Today my dad, my little sister and I went to Ikea. I wore my copper shoes because I really wanted to wear them. I also wore my striped shirt again and a black skirt with some black tights. I love going to Ikea! It’s such a fun place to be.






Shirt – Tommy Hilfiger (old)

Today I wore my striped blue shirt which my mum found in her closet and asked me if I want it (said yes of course! I mean free clothes (really love my mum’s clothes)).  I had a really nice pamper day. Shaved my legs, did some face masks, had a nice shower and tried to relax.





Jumper – ASOS (New look)


Today I wore my blue velvet jumper. I haven’t worn this in ages (and I think so far only once) so I was really excited to wear it for the day. I love how this challenge makes me wear some of my forgotten clothes again. I had a creative day today. I painted a new painting which was so much fun! I like the end result and painting is just so calming.




Jumper – New Look (ASOS)


Today was a baking day. I finally baked my gingerbread men which I always make at the end of November. I had a lot of fun doing this and I think they turned out good. Again, I was really excited to wear this jumper because I got it and forgot about it. It’s a really nice jumper and I loved wearing it for the day. I wanted to wear my dungarees too (like Rosie does in this picture) but I wanted to feel super comfy whilst baking so I wore some christmassy leggings instead.

And that’s my Rosie-outfit week completed. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which outfit you liked the best in the comments below.

Love, x









28 thoughts on “A week in Rosie outfits | Glücksgeist

  1. I think your recreation of her looks is amazing. Rosie is truly a lovely person, I actually go to the same uni as her, and although we aren’t on the same course, we are in the same year. (We’ve met a few times at parties but we haven’t got to a friends stage yet) But she is absolutely lovely and it’s so nice to see other bloggers inspired by her!

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