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1000 followers Q&A – need your questions 

I asked you on Instagram what sort of post you want to see for my 1000 followers celebration. So many of you wanted to see a Q&A post so I really want to do one for you. Leave your questions in the comments below.

Quiet a lot of you also wanted me to share some blogger advice. If you have any specific question on that topic than leave it down below as well.

Can’t wait to answer your questions and to celebrate this huge milestone with you.

Love, xx 


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55 thoughts on “1000 followers Q&A – need your questions 

  1. Wow, congratulations Gluckgeist! You really do deserve 1k followers, your blog is really awesome!💕

    I have a question for your Q&A, and that is “Who or what draws the most inspiration for when your taking pictures and writing your blog post?”

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  2. First off: CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS ON 1000 FOLLOWERS! Your an awesome blogger that deserves this!
    Secondly: One question is what is it like living in Europe and have you ever traveled somewhere far from home?
    Thirdly: What kinds of topics are bloggers attracted too? I want to know so I can expand my blog a lil more. 😀

    Thanks because this is an awesome idea! When im able to get Instagram in a couple years ill definitely go check your posts out 🙂

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  3. Firstly CONGRATULATIONS that’s honestly incredible!! I’m also superr excited for a Q&A so I ask: what’s your favourite Christmas day outfit? And do you prefer books, films or TV series?? ❤ 😀 xx

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  4. Congratulations, you really deserve this!! Hmm it’s going to be hard to think of a question because you’ve answered so many questions on your blog through awards and things so I don’t know what ones you’ve already answered, haha! If you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? xxx

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  5. 1000!!! That’s so incredible Anni 😀
    Okay, here’s my question It’s going to be tough. If you could only watch one Youtuber for the rest of you life, who would it be? 😛
    Congrats again on 1000!! 😀 ❤

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  6. Favorite color?
    Favorite scent?
    Most inspiring quote you know?
    Who do you look up to?
    How do you like to spend a Sunday evening?
    What is your least favorite school subject?
    If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
    Have you ever dyed your hair?
    Is this enough questions?


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  7. Congratulations you really deserve 1k followers and so much more omg I am so happy for you 💗
    Here is my questions: If you could meet one fictional character in real life who would it be? and what is your current favorite song?

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  8. Congrats on 1,000 followers!!! 💖 Love your blog so so much and I’m so glad that we found each other here! My questions for you are: What is the craziest thing you have ever done? What’s one thing in your life you are very proud of? If you could beam yourself to any place or any country, where would you go? xx

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  9. Congrats, congrats congrats! I will probably congrat you on your actual q &a post again, but I am so happy you hit this milestone!! You totally deserved it! So happy to be one of those 1000. ❤
    So my questions are kinda a classic, and if you answered them a million times already, that's ok: Where do you see yourself and the blog in a year? Where in 5 years? What are you the most grateful for on your whole blogging journey?
    And what was in your advent calendar today?(that I would like to know 😉 )
    so much love,

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