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It’s the most wonderful time of the year because they sell all the Christmas related sweets and food in the shops. Because of that I thought it would be quiet nice to share the things I eat every single December since I was a child.

Some of these things I am going to share with you are specific German things. Because of that I thought it would be quiet interesting to see what other people eat at this time of the year.

The amazing Jamie from Don’t give a jam shares all her favourite Christmas food over on her blog. This is going to be a little Christmas food comparison and I am so excited for it.

So be sure to check her post out! This is also my very first collab and I am so excited and happy that I am doing my very first collab with one of my favourite bloggers.

Chocolate Santa

We always got these for St Nicholas’ Day, a Milka (chocolate type) Santa Clause or snowman this year. I either didn’t eat them because I wanted to keep them for a bit or ate them straight away. Taking this picture was quiet hard for me because they are too delicious and so cute!

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I always got so excited for this time of the year because it meant that I could have cake for breakfast every single day in December. Baumkuchen is a German type of cake coated with chocolate. It is so tasty. We always bought one or two of them in December and I always loved eating it.
Although we didn’t buy one this year…. still have time to do it though.


I grew up eating German Lebkuchen (gingerbread) in December. It always takes me back to my childhood when I eat one of them. I love the shapes of them (heart, star and Bretzel) and they are just such a traditional thing to have.

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Although I love tea so much I always look forward to December because it means that the shops are selling Punsch again. My sister and I love to drink the non-alcoholic version of mulled wine. Super delicious and we do fight over the last sip sometimes.

Schwarz-weiß Gebäck

Again I always make this every single December since I can think. When the shops start selling this you know it’s Christmas time. You can make the black and white cookies yourself but we always buy the prepared dough and just cut them into slices. We normally go for the square ones but these are fine as well.

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We also eat a ton of other Christmas cookies, but I haven’t started baking them yet. Really want to make them soon.


The shops are selling these all year around but we tend to buy them in December the most. I always get so excited when my parents come home with a package of these. Sadly we can’t buy the massive packages in Germany, at least not where I live so you have to be quick when you live together with two siblings and parents.

These are the main sweets and food I eat in December. I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forgot to check out Jamie’s post.

Love, x


26 thoughts on “Christmas food | Don’t give a Glücksgeist collab

  1. Love. Love. LOVE this! My family is Eastern European and come Christmas (and Easter) There are so many foods we eat only at this time, most notably Kolache Christmas morning. I LOVE it! We also celebrate St. Nicholas Day! And even though I now have my own apartment and live away from home, my Mom will still send me a box (minus the shoes). I love these traditions and traditional eats 🙂 ❤

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