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Finally after days, months and years of my pink obsession I bought the most amazing pink piece that exists! I bought myself some pink glasses.

I am wearing glasses since the first years of school, so for quiet a long time. I always had a pair of glasses (sometimes two) that took me through my weeks, but non of them were pink.

I don’t even know how I ended up on ASOS searching for pink glasses, but I did and now I have some. They are getting my prescription in it as soon as possible which I am so excited about because that means I can finally wear them everyday.

2017-11-19 11.57.53 1.jpg


I love the colour pink a lot and I am super happy that I bought these. I also bought them for a really good price, 14 euros. And I was really impressed with the selection of glasses ASOS has. If you’re looking for new glasses be sure to check their website because I wanted all of them.

Do you wear glasses? What do you think of my new ones? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

44 thoughts on “My new pink glasses|Glücksgeist 

  1. Those look adorable! I have to say that I am not a fan of heavy dark-frame glasses that people wear now, so it is nice to see a little change from that. That price sounds very good too. Enjoy!

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    1. I never wore contacts before, I tried them once but was too scared (not too sure why 😅). ASOS has such a great collection and so many things you (don’t) need xx


  2. Those look so fun! I am a pink lover myself and I think I might need to wear glasses (though, I don’t do anything about it, apparently haha).
    This pair makes me want to go for a check up just so that I can get those beauties, too!
    I hope you enjoy them to the fullest!

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  3. Your glasses are so pretty and cute! I wear glasses too but so far I have only bought very neutral frames like grey and brown. I would love to have new ones that were more colorful like yours though 😍 xx

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