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Polaroid cameras are so on trend right now but as most of you know they are really expensive and the films for them are really expensive too. I love to use mine but there’s actually a great alternative to these cameras which so many people don’t use.

As you can read by the title I am going to talk about disposable cameras in this post. I wanted to do this post for ages but I had to wait until my camera got developed which took kind of forever but at the same time not, about one week. These cameras are incredible. You can find them at any drugstore these days and the are really affordable. If you buy them at DM they cost about 5 euros.

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You can take 27 pictures with them and have to pay about 5 euros to get them developed which you can do straight at the shop. So all in all you spend 10 euros for 27 pictures, mostly because the sort out pictures that are black and went wrong, no shaky pictures though.

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I think these cameras are amazing. The photos still look very unique, you don’t see them until they are developed which adds so much fun and also so much excitement. I often forget what pictures I took with my camera and it’s such a nice surprise to see all these memories again.

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I often give these cameras as a present to my friends and they always love receiving them. So if you don’t want to spent so much money on a polaroid camera try these ones because as I said they are amazing!

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x

33 thoughts on “Disposable cameras | Glücksgeist 

  1. I’ve seen these in shops before, but never really thought about using them as an alternative to polaroids! It really is a wonderful idea, especially considering the value you get for the price. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. The last time I had a disposable camera was about 4 years ago! A friend gave it to me and I used it at my birthday party back then! That was a really cool idea and so much fun to take the photos. I should get one of these cameras again some time! I’ll have to go to dm soon, haha! ☺️ xx

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