Pizza collab with Don’t give a jam

I discovered a new favourite meal/pizza topping. As most of you know I am obsessed with the youtuber Tess Christine. I love her videos but especially her week in my life vlogs. In one of these videos she made some zucchini pizza. I really wanted to recreate the pizza for weeks now and finally got around doing it. It’s super easy and tastes amazing, so I had to share it with you.

Pizza beanie = goals

And because I am pizza-crazy and love to see what other people put on their pizza or what pizza they order, I had to do a collab with the amazing Jamie from Don’t give a jam. You all know how incredible Jamie is so be sure to check out her post and tell her she’s awesome. Jamie is going to share her favourite pizza over on her blog.

I always buy this pre-maid dough and pizza sauce but you can totally make your own if you want to. I place the dough on a baking tray and add a little sauce on top. I don’t like tomatoes but if you do then skip the sauce and add some tomatoes on top, after you brushed some olive oil onto your dough. Then I add my zucchini which I chopped into thin slices, you can chop them however you want.

Processed with VSCO with preset

After I placed them on top of my pizza, I go in with my cheese. I am a total cheese-girl, the more the better. I always use a lacto-free mozzarella cheese. Now comes the fun part. In her video she added some honey and some red pepper flakes, but I didn’t have them. I just drizzle some honey on top of my pizza. Then I add some pepper on top of it and baked my pizza for 15 minutes.

Head over to my Instagram if you want to see step by step pictures.

You can add the honey afterwards but I just do it before so I can dig right into my pizza as soon as it’s baked. This is such an easy recipe, but the pizza just tastes amazing. I had by far too many of these, but it’s vegetables so it’s fine ;).

Do you like zucchini pizza? What’s you go-to topping for pizzas? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out Jamie’s favourite pizza. Thanks again for doing this collab with me Jamie!

Love, x

38 thoughts on “Pizza collab with Don’t give a jam

  1. I would have to try this, but the idea sounds good. I would use very little honey, personally, but the zucchini sounds great, and I love organic cheese so would put a lot of that on top. I love mushrooms and extra cheese. I don’t eat meat so would not put meat on. I think pizza is a great invention!

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    1. It is!! One of the best inventions. I wasn’t sure about the honey at first but it’s really tasty to me. I don’t like mushrooms but my mum does. Cheese is the most important thing on a pizza xx

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  2. You made me hungry! (gets a snack and sits back down to continue writin) I absolutely have to see about this being made because holy cow that looks good!

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