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A new year screams for a new skincare routine, am I right? I love to read these posts because I think it’s so interesting to see someone’s day to day evening circle. Today I am going to share my night-time routine with you, focused on my skincare.

1 First of all I take all my eye make up and lipstick off with my beloved micellar water by nivea. I am using this for years now and I am super happy with it. It is really nice and gently to my skin and that’s all I want. There’s nothing worse than having to rub off your make up like crazy.

2 Secondly I wash my face with the Dermasence face cleanser mousse. This product is amazing and super gently to my skin. Again, I am using this for years now and I can’t be happier with it. I highly recommend checking this one out.

3 If I have a little bit more time and I am not that tired I love to do a face mask. At the moment I use a mixture of a black peel off mask and this mask by Dermasence which is amazing. If you struggle with red irritated skin I would try this product.

4 After 15 minutes to half an hour I wash my mask off, again with my Dermasence face mousse. After that I take a cotton pad and add some of my Dermasence tonic water onto it. I rub it all over my face and it’s the most refreshing thing ever. If I skip my face mask this product is also amazing because it takes the remaining make up off.

5 Now it’s time for moisturizer. I use the cream soft/rich moisturizer by Dermasence and it’s one of my favourite products. I can’t imagine not using it anymore because it is that amazing. Sometimes I use a face serum instead of a moisturizer but because I am struggling with really dry skin at the moment a moisturizer is a must.

And that’s my night-time skincare. As always let me know what you think of this post in the comments below.

Love, x

22 thoughts on “My night-time skincare routine 2018 | Glücksgeist

  1. Loved reading this! I have a friend who is a facialist and part of the reason she is so amaizing is that she really spends the time individualizing skincare for all her clients, because we are all different and all have different needs. That said, I LOVE mcellar water and I feel like it is one of those very rare universe products that work for everyone. ❤

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