Vegan lemon cake |Glücksgeist

I have a yellow obsession at the moment. I wear yellow clothes, drink yellow smoothies and now bake yellow cakes. But this cake turned out soo good and I can’t even describe to you how happy I was with this.

I had a little baking break. I don’t know why but every recipe I tried to make turned out bad, so I lost the motivation and joy to bake for a few weeks. BUT then I discovered this amazing baking blog and this girl totally made me want to bake again. Her recipes look and sound soo good and her pictures are a dream. Her recipes are also vegan and I love to try new recipes and vegan always sounds so much cooler, so I made her vegan lemon cake.

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(Face) masks review |Glücksgeist

I have a problem and this problem is called face masks and now also hair masks. I love to try new masks so much and I buy way too many of them. But this means I can share with you my experiences and thoughts about them. Today I am reviewing three masks, two face masks and one hair mask. I hope you like this.

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Apps you need |Glücksgeist

I wanted to share my favourite apps with you for ages and finally got around to do it. I discovered a few amazing apps over the past months and I use them on a daily basis so I had to share them with you. Don’t forget to tell me your favourite apps in the comments below.

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BLOGGER TALK #1 |Glücksgeist

Grab a drink, maybe some snacks because my first ever blogger talk starts now. I really love to read these kind of posts where people speak about their blogging experiences, maybe give some advice our share personal every day things with their readers. In the last time I really felt like I wanted to start this series on my blog and share some blogging things but also personal things about myself. So this is not only about blogging advice, how to … and stuff like that. I’m trying to give you a good mix of both and if you can’t tell already by my super long intro I’m really excited for this.

Today I want to talk with you about collaborations. I think I’m quite collab crazy at the moment and I enjoy making these so much that I had to share my experiences with you. Of course I am by far not a pro, but you know that already. Just sharing the blogging joy with you.

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