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I am ASOS obsessed as most of you know. Although I order quite a few things and I don’t keep as much as I order so a HAUL often doesn’t work for me because I just kept one or two pieces. Because of that I thought it would be quite nice to show you the things I ordered on Sunday and try them on. This is quite a casual post so don’t expect super high quality pictures, keeping it realistic.

I ordered six things from ASOS (about 107 euros) and omg, I was so excited for them.

First of all I wanted some new shirts. I discovered these amazing youtubers which I am so in love with and their style is just so cool, so I basically wanted to look like them and thought these shirts would help me out.

I really like the first shirt a lot, but it was way too big for me and I didn’t feel comfortable in it, so this clearly was a no because I wouldn’t wear it. I really liked the yellow on the second shirt but it was a little too see-through for me and I was looking for a more white shirt so also a no.

I absolutely love this jumper. Buying jumpers can be quite hard for me because they are always too short (I am quite tall). This one fits perfectly, it’s super soft and I just love it so much. Kept it for 16 euros. Again, saw quite a few youtubers wearing Mom-jeans and I thought I should try them myself. I love the purple-pink colour of them but I think I am not cool enough to wear them out, so also a no.

I fell in love with this hat. So many people are wearing them and I love it just so much, but my head was too big for this one, so sadly a no. I saw this brown pinafore and I really wanted to have it so I ordered it a size smaller than I am because all the other sizes were sold out, well a size too small is a size too small so again a no.

Although I only kept one thing I am quite happy with my ASOS shop. I am currently wearing my jumper 24/7 and it’s one of my new favourite things. I also ordered a few things from Pull&Bear so if you liked this post I could do a second one quite soon.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments below.


2018-01-13 01.46.24 1.jpg
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23 thoughts on “Come ASOS shopping with me | Glücksgeist

  1. You have to keep the jeans!!! They look incredible on you. Pair them with a white or white & black striped t-shirt with a grey cardigan. It will look so good. xx

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