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I love blogging and I love YouTube. I probably spend way too much time watching video after video after video, or reading blog posts like crazy. Because of that I thought it would be quiet nice to share my favourite bloggers/youtubers with you today. I discovered a few amazing channels and bloggers over these past weeks so I am super excited to introduce you to them.

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4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)Aspyn Ovard 

I can’t remember when I started watching Aspyn’s videos but I am watching her for years. I really like her style of videos and her vlog channel is super nice to watch and get caught into.


4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Bryce + Hailey

Okay, these two are incredible, like new favourite youtubers! I discovered them only a few days ago, but I had a huge Bryce-Hailey-marathon and I love them both so much. They both look like they are from the 70s, they love thrift shopping and they create the most amazing, chilled, but exciting videos ever. Honestly you need to start watching them because they are awesome!!! And there styles are so cool! Ordered a few things from the internet so I can look maybe half as cool as they look.


4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Cherry Wallis

Again, a new discovery of mine and I am so happy about it. Cherry is probably the biggest/most amazing Harry Potter fan ever. I love Harry Potter but she takes it to a whole different dimension. She is super quirky and lovely and her magical videos are one of my favs. She doesn’t only talk about Harry-Potter related things so there’s definitely something for everybody. Love her.

4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Claire and the Crosbys

You probably all saw the cute videos of this little girl all over the internet, so I was super excited when I found out that their parents have a channel/vlog channel. Their vlogs are one of my favourites and the whole family is so lovely and cute + they just got another little girl!




4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Freddy my love 

Freddy’s channel is a dream for every pink-obsessed person. Her style is super chic and her videos are super nice to watch. One of my favourite videos was her LA-vlog, which was so nice to watch. I don’t watch every single video of hers, but she’s definitely on my list.






4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Kallie Kaiser

This girl is slightly crazy but so super cool. Again, I discovered her channel a few weeks ago but I had a massive binge-watch and I am up-to-date with her. She has the most amazing style (am I right Olivia?) and is just an amazing person with a great personality. Really love her channel!


4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Leif + Jaci 

I saw both of them in some of Aspyn’s vlogs and travel diaries and I finally decided to check out their channel. This was a great decision because they create the most amazing travel vlogs. They travel a lot so you can see a big variety of different locations and their videos are just so much fun to watch. Jaci also has one of the best Instagram accounts!

4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Lucy and Lydia

These twins are just incredible. I absolutely love their personalities and their videos are just on point! I don’t know how they do it but their editing is just incredible. My favourite videos are their Disney vlogs because they are just super exciting and special. Both of them have amazing Instagram accounts as well.


4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Maddie Perry  20180203_125015.jpg

Okay, here comes one of my absolute favs! You probably spot her on the react channel quite a few times, but Maddie decided to create her own YouTube channel a few weeks ago and I am so happy about it. I am watching her channel since the second or third video she uploaded and I am more than just obsessed with her. Her videos are so nice to watch and she is just such a lovely and positive person, you have to check her out.

Maddie also has a blog which she started ages ago and I really enjoyed catching up with her posts. Her blog name is blondetobronze.

4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Marla Catherine  20180203_125015.jpg

This girl is probably one of the coolest youtubers out there. I can’t believe she’s only 14 years old, but her videos are just so cool and I am obsessed with her. I love her thrift vlogs, they are amazing and she has such a great personality. I also love her style, her outfits are amazing and I wish I had such a good fashion sense like she does. Her Instagram is incredible and yes, been watching her like crazy.

Yes, Marla also has a blog. I only read a few posts so far but I really liked them!

4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) MsRosieBea  20180203_125015.jpg

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit you will know that I am obsessed with Rosie. Her channel is one of my favs and I am in love with everything she does. Her style is incredible, I’ve been buying way too many clothes because of her and she is just such an amazing person. I’ve done an outfit post about her already so if you want to check it out than just click here.

Although she doesn’t post as much on her blog as she does on her YouTube channel I really love her blog as well. She has some great blog posts up there and I would totally recommend checking it out.


4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Naomi Victoria 

I’ve only watched a few videos of hers, but I wanted to put her on this list as well. Naomi’s videos are super lovely to watch. Her channel is quiet chilled and she’s a really cute person in my opinion. She does beauty and lifestyle videos as most of the youtubers I watch.

4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Niomi Smart

I am watching Niomi for years now and I love her channel a lot. Especially her vlogs are one of my favs and her What I eat in a day series is just so inspiring. I loved her vlogmas from last year and I totally recommend her channel. She’s such a lovely person.





4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Rosanna Pansino

Ro’s channel is a dream for every person who loves baking. She creates the most epic things and she’s such a lovely, happy person. Her videos always make me smile because of her amazing personality.


4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Summer McKeen

Again, I only watched a few videos of Summer but she seems like such a cool person and I really enjoyed watching her videos. I love to check out new channels and at the moment I’ve been really looking for a few new ones, so she’s definitely a great find.


4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Tess Christine

Tess is one of the best fashion/beauty/lifestyle youtubers in my opinion. I LOVE her channel so much, her videos are amazing and I get super excited every time she uploads a new one. I’ve done a couple of outfits post about her because her style is amazing and yes, highly highly recommend her channel.

4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Tess Florio

I’ve discovered her channel only a few weeks ago, but she’s now one of my favourite youtubers. Tess is super lovely, positive and a great inspiration. She has the most amazing travel videos (this girl travels a lot) and I am constantly watching them again and again. But she also talks about beauty and fashion and I really love her more chilled beauty videos. I really fell in love with her over these past weeks and I get super excited for every new video she uploads.




20180203_125015.jpg WishWishWish

I found this blog recently and I really like the style of it. This girls has some great blog posts up there and I am really excited to read more from her. She blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle things so everything you could ask for.




4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2) Zoella (MoreZoella)

Zoe had a little January break so I wasn’t sure if I should put her on the list, but now she uploaded a few vlogs again and I’ve been loving them. Although I like her main channel, I definitely prefer her vlog channel more and I am excited for new vlogs to come.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below and tell me your favourite bloggers and youtubers.

Love, x

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26 thoughts on “Blogger/Youtuber A to Z |Glücksgeist

  1. I’ve not actually checked out Rosanna Pansino yet, even though I have the Nerdy Nummies book. I’ve added her to my youtube subscriptions and I’ll start having a look through her videos 🙂

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  2. Ahh I love so many of these youtubers and bloggers ! Definitely gonna check out the ones I don’t already follow as it seems as though we have really similar taste ! You should try watching Rhiannon Ashlee if you don’t already ! Xx

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